S♥NEISM ❁❁ SNSD Virtual Makeover ❁❁ Round 1 STARTS!

KippyGirl posted on Apr 17, 2012 at 09:34AM
- 8 players will participate
-there will be 2 teams of 4 players
-i will post a theme for every round
-in each round there will be 2 options and the leader of the group will pick an option so the other team will have to respect the other option
-every member that participates must post a picture

Sites you can use for virtual makeover:
-if you want to make a makeover on these sites you have to make an account (but don't worry it will take a short time)
-don't forget to upload your SNSD's bias picture

-rorovipz is going to judge the pictures; she will give points from 1 to 8
-the team that earns the most points in a round wins
-every member in the winner team will get 10 props


Are you in?

S♥NEISM 88 antwoorden

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