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Moosick posted on Apr 26, 2012 at 07:54PM
Let's say you have an important exam coming up and won't be able to come on much. You can come here and leave a comment telling everyone that and maybe put when you'll be back. You can do this for pretty much any reason like a family emergency came up, you got grounded, etc.. Even if something really important came up and you didn't have time to come on and warn everyone of your upcoming inactivity, you could post something like the following:

I am so sorry guys! I haven't been on much the past week because I injured myself, it's pretty bad. I dislocated my shoulder and I broke my ankle. :'( How it happened; I took part in fun group-games with my local youth group at school and as I was going down the steps in the girls locker room I took a pretty nasty tumble down the steps. Now I have a hot pink cast on and I have my shoulder in a sling. I'm okay but I really feel bad for disappearing on you guys. :'l

^^This is 100% true by the way, I really did injure myself so that's why I wasn't able to take part in all of the games I am in for this club. If I did get on it was only for a minute or two, so I did have time to take part in one or two games.

*Why didn't I just post on the wall? Lately whenever I post on someones wall it leaves multiple comments which could get me into trouble for spamming. Plus I know some people don't like to post on walls so they can come to this topic
*You DO NOT have to do this! This is just for anyone who would like to warn everyone of their upcoming inactivity.

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een jaar geleden ary_aunova said…
Good idea, seriously!
een jaar geleden Moosick said…
Thanks so much Ary! ^-^

I haven't been on much lately because I'm having some minor work done on my teeth so I can finally get braces! I've been on the waiting list for a few years now. I had my teeth cleaned Monday and the lady who flossed them was way to rough with my gums so now there are VERY sore. I had to eat a few popsicles today to make them stop hurting. :'( I'll do my best to be on more tomorrow! In a few days, Monday, I have to have a chipped tooth fixed and 2 root canals done so I'll be on a small Hiatus; meaning I won't be on for a week. And after the 7th of July I have to have my wisdom teeth cut out so I definitely won't be on for a couple of weeks. I'll miss you guys so much! Please hope that my surgeries go well so I can get back on here soon! I hope everyone else is doing well! - Love Kat <3
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een jaar geleden adriana_seo said…
hey everyone this is adriana (seo_hyun) my account is suspended