S♥NEISM Fun but hard game.

JessicaVEVO posted on May 05, 2012 at 10:59AM
Hey Sones.
I don't know if you want to play this game or not.
Well. You know when new MV and they have teasers? Well this game is to make your own teasers.
I know. Crazy right?

-9 players will participate ( leave a comment saying you are in)
-Every participant will start of with 3 points.
-I will post an MV from SNSD and you have to make your own teaser for that MV by the deadline.
-I will choose the best and worst teaser. The best teaser will get 2 more points and the worst teaser will detected 1 point.
- When 6 players are elemenated the 3 who survived will be givin props by the score they have.

Are you IN??

S♥NEISM 10 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden JessicaVEVO said…
No one?
een jaar geleden MoOoOoN said…
iam not that good in making videos but i`ll try
een jaar geleden ahouy said…
JessicaVEVO do u no program 2 make teaser video...?
een jaar geleden jessica4u said…
een jaar geleden JessicaVEVO said…
Program? No but I guess you can find one! Oh wait I know one but I think you might have to install. It's called windows live movie maker. It's cool. So are you in Ahouy?
een jaar geleden JessicaVEVO said…
You can add pics or vids but dont add the actually teaser
een jaar geleden ary_aunova said…
Looks fun and hard ^^ Btw, I'm in and I'll try my best ^^
een jaar geleden JessicaVEVO said…
Gr8! Ur a risk taker Ary!
een jaar geleden JessicaVEVO said…
big smile
It's okay, pictures can do as well!
een jaar geleden ary_aunova said…
When you wanna start? Coz I'm only free and available until 25th May, onwards I'll be busy ^^