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posted by oneshyguy46
 S Club 7 back in 2001
S Club 7 back in 2001
By: VivaSclub.com

S Club Tour and Album volgende year
The craze these days seems to be that a pop band should spleet, split up, and then a few years down the line come back. Take That did it, the Spice Girls did it, and it seems like S Club 7 are looking set to follow in their footsteps.

The 7 early 30 stars are planning on returning volgende spring for a 10th jaar anniversary. The band, which is currently touring with only 3 members, is set to perform across the UK as part of a comeback tour.

However, even though the band is called S Club 7, it'll only be 5 of the members performing on the tour, unless members...
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