Sailor Moon Why Usagi and Seiya will NEVER happen

anime_obsessed5 posted on Jan 19, 2010 at 01:05AM
1.Usagi has a boyfriend that she loves.

2.The manga comes first and if something doesn't happen in the manga it will NOT happen in the anime and in the manga Seiya is a GIRL!

3.Usagi loves Chibiusa,So even if she stopped loving Mamoru she'd probably still be with him for Chibiusa.Not to menchen there second daughter,Kousagi.

4.He/SHE leaves.

5.I can't think of a fifth one.

6.A lot of people will be pissed.

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een jaar geleden ICEEisFREE said…
I like both Usagi x Seiya and Usagi x Mamoru
But this does make sense,
and SEIYA Is actually a female,not a male,so
it would be yuri,
and we don't want that.
een jaar geleden charmecia5 said…
ok so what if usagi and seiya will never happen, but that still doesn't stop a lot of fans from writing fanfics based on them. Not to mention the comparisons between him and mamoru.

plus i like seiya and usagi together, though i'm more of a fan of usagi and mamoru. Besides seiya is pretty cute and usagi does deserve better.
een jaar geleden williukea said…
i saw on youtube fan creation that chibi chibi will be seya and usagi daughter but she will be with mamoru so mamoru thinks she is his daughter but she is only half sister to chibiusa :D (only anime creation no manga in manga is all wrong because seya must be a boy for this to happen) :D
een jaar geleden EternalMoon said…
Hmm, well Uranus and Neptune are yuri and would you accept that? I support yaoi((boy X boy)), yuri((girl X girl)), and hetero ((boy X girl)). As charmecia5 said no one will stop the Usagi X Seiya fans to keep pairing them up. I don't care about your opinion on them gays, lesbians, and bi's, we are still people, and people are people. But if you don't support it I am okay with it. I don't want to start a big fight okay?
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een jaar geleden Sailor-Moon said…
Ooh oooooh! And because... it already didn't. XD *pokes Sailor Moon Stars season end*