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posted by starslight101
Chapter 1: Surprises
Skipper yawned and took a drink of his vis coffee. The lemurs turned their boom box up way too loud for Skipper's liking. The muziek was still on. Skipper was confused. All night was too long to dance, even for the lemurs.
"Kowalski!" Nothing.
"Kowalski?" Skipper yelled. Skipper slid over to the lemurs habitat. Spooky background muziek came on. Skipper decided to investigate. He found the boom box with a note taped to it.
"Say goodbye to your BFF (Julien) and team. Mwahahahaha!"
"Skipper! Help!" Private's voice pierced through the wind. Skipper turned around. A ginormous truck was behind Skipper! There were cages in it that were filled with Skipper's and the lemurs! Skipper tried to save them, but a ninja pinned him to the ground! The truck drove away.