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Of Course
Hell no
de keuze van de fan: yes xD
yes xD
de keuze van de fan: violet
de keuze van de fan: Of course! Who wouldn't?
Of course! Who wouldn&# 39; t?
He&# 39; ll be lucky if he gets that...
de keuze van de fan: Of course he is!!!
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Sanji uithangbord

Shiina111 zei …
SOMEONE............CHANGE THE BANNER!! geplaatst een jaar geleden
sarafina123321 zei …
Omg Sanji is just plane awsomnes, if i was on Luffys crew i would just hang around with Sanji just to see how awsome he is ( and since i am a lady he would brobably be with me too(but i am also mutch junger than him) i just love everything about him (well exept 4kids voice of him, SERIUSELY) but any way he is awsome and i would do everything to taste some of his food geplaatst een jaar geleden
NnyChichibuChan zei …
Franky: Well, i've been kicking @#$ ezel usual. How 'bout you? Sanji: Been kickin' @#$. Except Sanji-chan KICKS OH GOD I LOVE HIM. geplaatst een jaar geleden