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Guide by missing_99 posted een jaar geleden
fan of it?
Saoirse Ronan says Irish people pronouce her name as "Seer-sha", but that she herself would pronounce it as "Ser-sha", like "inertia"---being Irish for "freedom". Saoirse's middle name is Una, which means "unity" in Ireland, and her last name, Ronan, means "seal".

"So I'm a free, unified seal." - a commentaar door Saoirse Ronan on her name.

- Other Fun Facts About Saoirse Ronan -

* Her family is Catholic.
* She was born in New York City.
* She supports the Irish Blue Cross, the charity that reunited her with her runaway dog, Sassie.
* She was raised in County Carlow, Ireland, having moved there when she was three years old.
* She is currently home pagina schooled and is living in County Carlow.
* She is eighteen years old.
* "Atonement" gained her nominations for a BAFTA, a Golden Globe, and an Academy Awardd for Best Supporting Actress.
* Her height is 5'6".
* Born April 12th of 1994.
* Parents are Paul and Monica Ronan.