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The 3rd track Shunkan Sentimental (瞬間センチメンタル) from the album TEMPTATION BOX door SCANDAL Also used for Fullmetal Alchemist 4th ending!!
shunkan sentimental
fma ending song
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The 1st mini-album:
Yah! Yah! Yah! Hello Scandal

Description~ New single release from high school girl's band Scandal and theme song to the film "Corazon de Melon."

Album Type: Mini-Album
Release Date: August 08, 2008
Record Label: Kitty Records
Availability: Regular CD

Track List:
01. Koi no Kajitsu ~ Love Fruit
02. Space Ranger
03. Koi Moyou ~ Love Pattern
04. Kagerou ~ Mayfly

The 1st album:

Description~ Debut album release from SCANDAL including all 13 tunes, which contain the band's all vorige singles. Limited edition includes bonus DVD with seven muziek videos and short movie. Comes...
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