Sea Life What's your fave cartoonish sea life animal? (Let me know if I forgot any, this is all I could think of)

Pick one:
Bruce the haai in Finding Nemo
Dory in Finding Nemo
One of the others in Finding Nemo
marlijn, marlijn, marlin in Finding Nemo
Nemo in Finding Nemo
Squirt & Crush in Finding Nemo
Kenny the Shark-TV toon
Sebastian in Little Mermaid films
bot in Little Mermaid films
Vern the schildpad in Over The Hedge
Cleo, Pinnochio's goldfish
Lenny & Frankie in haai Tale
Angie in haai Tale
Lola in haai Tale
Oscar in haai Tale
Klaus in American Dad
Ursula's eels in Little Mermaid
don&# 39; t like any of these
don't like any of these
 pmmom38 posted een jaar geleden
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