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Song: link

Shredder: *Playing guitar*
Kevin: *Playing drums*
Ponies: Green Hay!
Leon: Green Hay?
Stan: That sounds familiar.
Sebastian: I wonder why.
Xavier: I think it's My Little Pony's parody of Green Day.
Leon: Ah.
Rainbow Dash: *Enjoying the music* That's my brother on guitar, and this is your host for tonight's segment of Sean's Spectacular Saturday of Stories. We have two episodes of Ponies On The Rails coming up, with an episode of Gran Turismo. See u out on the streets as I play Julia Rose.

Theme song: link

Seanthehedgehog presents

Ponies On The Rails


Peirce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From Seanthehedgehog...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
While Ellie was in the hospital, Johnny talked to Commander Kane on his cell phone.

Commander Kane: *Picks up his phone* Hello?
Johnny: Sir, it's Johnny.
Commander Kane: How are u making out on your assignment?
Johnny: Ellie got shot. She's recuperating right now.
Commander Kane: Did u find Victoria?
Johnny: She's here alright. She's the one who shot Ellie. I'm waiting for her wound to heal so we can go in together.
Commander Kane: Very well. MI6 also wants to thank u for recovering the corpse of one of their agents.
Johnny: Yay me. I better get going sir. I'll call u once Victoria is dead....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
At Victoria's base, she was getting prepared to launch the fake news.

Victoria: In 30 minutes, my video will be ready to upload.
Guard 53: How bad do u think this will be for the Americans?
Victoria: I estimate that over a thousand deaths will occur once citizens fight the government.
Johnny: *Arrives with Ellie in his Plymouth* Follow me.

They quickly got out.

Johnny: *Hits the red button on his watch, making the Plymouth disappear* We gotta try and get to the left so the guards won't see us. Be sure your gun is ready just in case.
Ellie: *Ready with her USP .45*
Johnny: *Has his 1911 ready as he...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Klaipėda, Lithuania

Guards: *Walking around a building*

Episode 11: False Alarm

MI6 Agent: *Climbing a fence then runs towards the building*

Special Guest Stars

MeiMisty as Victoria Arrem
Rose_Gold as Sasha Kachava
Nia Washington as Ellie Hollard
Marie Schunemann as Mabel Exla

MI6 Agent: *Taking cover behind a uithangbord as he looks at a guard in a watchtower. He waits for him to turn around, then continues running to the building*

With Sir Topham Hatt as Ted Esler

Victoria: We have caused public outrage in the United Kingdom with fake news involving their queen, and made the Germans think they're having a...
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Song: link

Ian: *Listening to the music* What are we in a Western now?
Kevin: *Dressed as a cowboy, while riding a horse* This is my Halloween Costume.
Ian: Ah. Well at least I'm the host tonight. Here's tonight's lineup.

Con Mane: The Mare With The Golden Gun
Overwatch Parody: Nightmare Before Christmas

Liam: *Dressed as an Indian, running after Kevin* Wait for me Kevin!
Ian: Let's start the toon before meer cowboys, of Indians arrive.

Let's begin on a tropical island 8 miles from Hong Kong.

Hattan: *sunbathing* Sneak Peak, can u check the main entrance?
S.P: Right away Ms. Scaramanga.
business pony:...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Victoria was feeling very satisfied with how things were going so far. She organized all of her soldiers into a room for an important speech.

Victoria: We are halfway done with the false news footage for the American government. Once it's released, America will destroy itself in a big ball of fire!
Soldiers: *Cheering*
Victoria: We will continue to support the many terrorist groups in the Middle East, Europe, and South America!
Sasha: *Turns on a song*

Song: link

As the song played, every soldier started teabagging to the rhythm of the music.

Victoria: *Watching her soldiers with pride*
Sasha: Victoria,...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Johnny & Ellie walked down the hallway from Mabel's lab when they heard an alarm go off.

Alarm: link

Johnny: *Pulls out his gun*
Ellie: We got an intruder!
Ted: *Walks out of a room, deactivating the alarm* No, no, it's just me. I was testing out our alarm system, and everything went haywire.
Johnny: I hope u get that sorted out, otherwise you'll complicate things for everyone.
Ted: Don't remind me. So u finally met Ellie.
Johnny: Yes I have. We've been assigned to a zoek & destroy mission. Someone's trying to give us a bad name.
Ted: I'll contact one of the pilots to wait for u at...
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Tom: Now this section of the video focuses on parts of our toon where the Mane 6 made special guest appearances, of played as characters in skits. For instance, regenboog Dash played as Marisa Sayers in The ezel ezel Inn skit.

We're starting off with that female alicorn with the voice of Ice Cube, Twilight Sparkle

Audience: *Cheering*


Twilight: Whad up niggas?
Audience: *Clapping*
Twilight: Let's start off our first dag of school with some arithmetic. What is one plus one?

Link to how Pinkie Pie is talking:

Pinkie Pie: Nein nein nein nein nein nein...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Hilary was walking along the beach, wearing a roze bikini. A 1955 Chevy was on the road volgende to her, moving slowly.

Man 54: What's with that guy in the black car?
Man 69: *Looks at Hilary* Miss? I think someone's stalking you.
Hilary: Stalking me? *Looks at the driver of the Chevy*

She only saw a brief glimpse of the driver, before he pulled out a gun, and shot her twice. The first bullet hit her head, and the seconde went into her right breast. The car took off, leaving some smoke as it took off at high speed.

Alan: *In his car with Harry* Nothing's happening. Let's get some hot dogs.
Dispatch: Attention...
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Mike: Heeey.
Sean: What do u want Fonzi?
Mike: Ladies. *Blows his horn*
Rosie: *Pops up in front of him*
Mike: Uuuhhh....
Sean: Too much for u to handle? *Chuckles as he leaves*
Snowflake: What is it with that red diesel? Blowing his horn just to attract steam engines? Anyways, I'm Snowflake from Ponies On The Rails, and I'll be your hostess tonight. We're finishing off this segment of the S.S.S.S with another episode of On The Block, and The Adventures of regenboog Dash. Enjoy.

Welcome to the block. And now for your hosts, Master Sword, and Tom Foolery....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
This is a parody of My Little Pony. The voice actors for the mane 6 are..

Ice Cube - Twilight Sparkle
Kath Soucie - regenboog Dash
Edward Richtofen from Call Of Duty: Black Ops - Pinkie Pie
Wally from The Cleveland toon - Fluttershy
Tabitha St. Germain - Rarity
Ashleigh Ball - appeldrank, applejack

Now, let's begin with the intro

Theme song:

Japanese Men: *Singing* My Rittre Pornstar. My Rittre Pornstar. Ah ah ah ah, My Rittre Pornstar.
Twilight: I used to wonder what friendship could be.
Japanese Men: My Rittre Pornstar.
Twilight: Then I found out it was...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
At The Pattenburg House, Johnny and Karen went back for lunch.

Johnny: Now that Smoky's operations have been finished, at least I know the waiters won't try to kill us.
Waiter: *Arrives with chicken wings* Two orders of wings. Enjoy.
Karen: Thanks.
Waiter: You're welcome. *Walks away*
Karen: u know, there is one thing I'll miss about Alex.
Johnny: Your friendship?
Karen: Something else. *Sits on Johnny's lap*
Johnny: What?
Karen: *Farts*
Johnny: *Coughs* If you're trying to arouse me, wait until we get back to my place.
Karen: Can we at least kiss?
Johnny: Why not? *Kisses Karen*
Karen: *Moaning in pleasure*

The End

This has been a SeanTheHedgehog Production from August 7, 2019
 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see.
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see.
posted by Seanthehedgehog
Song: link

Charlotte's signal to start attacking was the sound of Johnny's gun. She heard him shoot Cara, and looked around the Captain D's restaurant near her.

Charlotte: Nothing yet. *Moving west*
Johnny: *Moving east. He sees a Norfolk Southern train arriving, with hundreds of men carrying AK47's*
NS Man 53: Stop the train! They're here!
Johnny: *Shoots the air brakes on the train, and it keeps going*
NS Man 53: I zei stop!
Engineer: He shot our brakes!
Johnny: *Shoots three enemies on the train*
NS Man 53: Let's return fire!
NS Men: *Firing their AK47's at Johnny*
Charlotte: *Sees the train* Why...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Derek used the laser from his watch to break the lock on the door, and open it.

Derek: Too bad your watch can't do that.
Johnny: Yes, but it can provide us with transportation.
Derek: We got to stop Benjamin before he starts getting meer flash drives. Who knows how much information he'll steal from us?
Johnny: I'm not planning on finding out. We'll stop him in time.

They made it to the entrance to the room where the flash drives and weapons were being loaded.

Johnny: *Slowly opens the door*
Derek: *Walks in with Johnny*
Guard: *Walking up a flight of stairs*
Johnny: *Closes the door*
Derek: *Sees Benjamin*...
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Song: link

Twilight: Let me point this out right now! I'm the most important pony in the entire universe!
Applejack: Did u even check to see where u were standing?
Twilight: Why?
Eddie: *Blows his horn as he runs over Twilight*
Rarity: *Watching Eddie leave as he pulls fifteen Southern Pacific boxcars*
Fluttershy: Will she be okay?
Rainbow Dash: Somehow, I don't doubt it. Let's get My Little Pornstar: The Fanfiction set up. This is the original version door the way, not the extended one.

This is a parody of My Little Pony. The voice actors for the mane 6 are..

Ice Cube - Twilight Sparkle
Kath Soucie...
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Snow Wonder: *Hears the music* Oh, we're back to this song.
Annie: What's wrong with that? I like it.
Toad: We're making our first appearance with the other characters in this intro Mr. Oliver.
Oliver: I'm excited too Toad.
Toad: But I'm not excited. I'm nervous. *Begins to shake*
Oliver: You're shaking door yourself?!
Toad: I told u I'm nervous! *Falls apart*
Oliver: There's a first.
Hawkeye: I thought we agreed to get a new opening song.
Pete: It seems that someone changed it.
Gordon: That's right. It was me, Gordon Suite!
Everyone: Boo!!! *Throwing...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
January 12, 2001

Andy: *Stops his car in front of the police station*
Lewis: *Gets out*
Andy: *Drives away*
Bob: *Watches Lewis enter the police station* Lewis, guess what Shawn got the two of us.
Lewis: What?
Bob: Come on, follow me. *Walks with Lewis outside into a parking lot*

Outside were two brand new Chrysler 300's

Lewis: I guess this explains why Andy sold my car yesterday.
Bob: Yep. These are our welcome back gifts.
Leonard: *Walks over* Welcome back u two.
Bob: Thanks Leonard.
Leonard: Lewis, I gotta talk to you.
Lewis: Alright.
Bob: I'll go somewhere else, and let u talk in private....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
A train is seen heading for Appleloosa. On the train is Applejack, Big Mac, and Applebloom. They're going to visit Braeburn.

Theme song link

Seanthehedgehog presents

Based off of a roleplay in fanpop.

Applejack's Double Life

Starring in alphabetical order

appeldrank, applejack
Big Macintosh
Pinkie Pie

Towns used for fanfiction

St. Foalis

Based off the youtube video created door TwodeePony

And now to begin the story

The train arrives at Appleloosa, and Applejack's family gets off.

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Sean: We're back.
Sean The Hedgehog: And for once, we're using muziek from Mario Golf. Our last two shows for this week are My Little Pornstar, and Adventures of Thomas & Friends.
Sean: It's meer ponies, and talking trains ladies, and gentlemen.

This is a parody of My Little Pony. The voice actors for the mane 6 are..

Ice Cube - Twilight Sparkle
Kath Soucie - regenboog Dash
Sargent Schultz from Hogan's Heroes - Pinkie Pie
Wally from The Cleveland toon - Fluttershy
Tabitha St. Germain - Rarity
Ashleigh Ball - appeldrank, applejack

Now, let's begin. Pinkie Pie,...
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Twilight, Master Sword, and Captain Jefferson: *Watching Gordon, and James argue*
Gordon: I'm the greatest engine ever.
James: No. I am!
Henry: Duh, can I play?
Gordon & James: No!
James: I'm the greatest!
Gordon: No! I am!
Hawkeye: You're wrong. *Points to a Big Boy locomotive* That's the greatest engine ever. Pierce Hawkins here everyone, but u can call me Hawkeye. I'm hosting the S.S.S.S this week. Tonight, we start with back to back episodes of...

Ponies On The Rails - Rated TV-MA for Mature Audiences

Hawkeye: And then we got....

Gran Turismo...
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