1. Kidnap Ciel
2. Kidnap Sebastian's favoriete black cat
3. When you're with him, yell, "CLAUDE IS A BETTER BUTLER THAN YOU" randomly and repeatedly
4. lijst other reasons why Claude is better, such as, "CLAUDE'S CATCHPHRASE IS BETTER. CLAUDE SETS THE tafel, tabel meer EPICLY."
5. Hang stuffed cats door their necks from rope in his room
6. Ask him if he's afraid of spin webs
7. Set up spin webs all throughout the house and watch him walk into them
8. Let a bunch of spiders loose in his room
9. Replace all the silverware he uses to fight with plastic ones
10. Replace his knives with spoons
11. Ask him where he got his nail polish, and then ask to borrow it
12. Play frisbee with Bard/Finny/Maylene inside
13. Let Pluto in the mansion and let him do his business. Everywhere
14. Lead fangirls to him
15. Shave his head when he's asleep
16. Tell him u think roze would suit him better than black
17. Dump all the thee leaves into the fontein and tell him u made tea
18. Tug/step on his coattails
19. Let dogs into his room. The noisier and yappier, the better
20. stempel, punch Ciel in the face and tell him Sebastian told u to do it
21. Replace all his clothes with neon colored shorts and excessively tight tank tops and make him run around the whole mansion to get his clothes back
23. Jump up and down on Ciel's bed after he makes it
24. Put a bunch of cats in Ciel's room and blame it on Sebastian
25. Give Grell a note that says "I love you" and sign it with Sebastian's name
26. Ask him if u can borrow his heels
27. When in his true form, yell at him to shave (yes, I know this was an animatie error. Still funny)
28. Tell Elizabeth that he wants a makeover
29. Tell Elizabeth that Sebastian wants to put her in charge of decorating the mansion
30. Put a red sok in a load of white laundry and blame it on Sebastian
31. When he's with Ciel, yell, "TEACHER'S PET!"
32. Say his catchphrase over and over
33. Tie ribbons in his hair
34. Ask him what kind of shampoo he uses
35. Write "CLAUDE FAUSTUS PWNS ALL" on his bedroom walls
36. Scream and douse him with holy water whenever u see him
37. After #36, scream, "BEGONE, DEMON!"
38. Bark in his face
39. Act like a dog for a dag and follow him around
40. Put a dog treat in his pocket and send a bunch of dogs after him
41. Put a kraag on him and give the leash to Ciel
42. Call him an old man
43. Jump on him whenever he tries to do something cool
44. Complain about his food
45. Call him an overachiever
46. Lock him and Grell in the same room for 6 hours
47. Tell Grell that Sebastian wants to kiss him
48. Tell Ciel about the cats he keeps in his closet
49. Tell him his looks are indecent (Frances Middleford)
50. Dress up like Ash and chase him around yelling, "I'M GONNA CUT OFF THAT ARM AGAIN!"