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 selen gomez love
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i love her
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This Selena Gomez icoon contains portret, headshot, and close-up. There might also be aantrekkelijkheid, beroep, and hotness.

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 Sel is her role model <3
Sel is her role model <3
1.) Describe Selena in 3 Words


2.) When was the 1st time u ever heard of Selena?

Well,I Heard Of Her In The Start Of 2009...I Am From Greece And In 2009 Her toon Came Here In My Language...When I Saw The Trailer I Was Like OMG!I Like That meer Than Hannah Montana...

3.) When did u stared to become a real Selena Fan?

In 2009...[^^ Check out What I Said...In My 2nd Answer]

4.) What's your favoriete Selena song?

More [From Her First Album],Off The Chain[From Her 2nd Album] & Outlaw[From Her 3rd Album]

5.) What's your favoriete Movie and TV toon with selena gomez...
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