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posted by Sen_Kagemiya
I finally got u back
I thought it would last
But it appears that we are falling apart
i try to fix what ive done
But im making it worse
I never wanted to hurt you
I never wanted to lose you
But it appears the damage has been done.

I feel i should disappear
Leave so your not hurt
door my stupid being

My hart-, hart aches from what ive done
I feel i failed u once again
Hurting u has broken me
But losing u will kill me
Im sorry for what ive done
But i know sorry wont be enough
What can i do to stop from losing you?

u can hate me
But i love you
u can say its over
But im not leaving you
I want to save what we have
Just please tell me
What i need to do
To keep u in my life.
posted by Sen_Kagemiya
This pain is truly agonizing. My soul has re-shattered after it was slowly starting to heal. The pain like a million blades stabbing u repeatedly. If only they knew what i was truly going through. Heartbreak, betrayal, just pure agony. My hart-, hart is so torn and ripped i cant stop the bleeding. I lost all control of my emotions and now they are getting the best of me. I tried to keep my promises but im so fucked up i forgotten all about them.

I loved him but i guess he didnt know how much i did. no that he hates me my whole being is finally breaking apart it was him only that kept me alive but...
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posted by Sen_Kagemiya
1. i'm very nice if u get to know me

2. My hobbies are: writing (songs, poems, storys, etc.)

Hanging out with my friends.

playing gitaar hero (im obsessed with it)

3. I like rock/metal muziek (every so often i listen to pop music)

4. If u make fun of me of my vrienden i can get overly pissed and i that better run.

5. im a black riem in karate (so dont piss me off)

6. i love watching anime favorieten are:
Fullmetal Alchemist

7. im very sensitive (emotionally)

8. i have no family (mother was killed in an accident and father/step father is in prison)

9. im bisexual (but im meer attracted to guys than girls)....

If u want to know meer ask me
posted by Sen_Kagemiya
The thought still haunts me
u being with someone else
Leaving me broken, confused
I cry dag and night
Hoping, praying one day
u will come back to me

But i fear it wont happen
Your happy with someone else
u know of my feelings
But its not enough
I wish u would come back
To heal my shattered heart

I know u still love me
But u also love him
If only i didnt mess up
u would still be with me

What can i do
To get u back in my arms?

I miss the way u kiss me
I miss your warm embrace
I miss everything about you
I beg to the heavens for help
Help to get u back in my heart.

I run to my hideout
So no one knows of my pain
I remain there until
My tears run dry
Minutes, Hours
Is how long i remain there
Begging for one meer chance.

Heavenly angels
Please help me
Through all of this!!
posted by Sen_Kagemiya
The pain cuts me down.
Leaving my soul sliced open, shattered
My hart-, hart beats slower than normal
The old injuries make my pain worse

The nightmares of him are frightful.
His punches, his kicks
His hurtful words pierce through me
Like a thousand knives

The scars never go away
Instead they keep coming back
Haunting me, hurting me
Leaving me scared of the dark.

Even though hes gone for good
I still fear the dag he will return
Returning to hurt me once more
His cold eyes staring at me
Wanting me dead is all he wants

I always have to watch my back
I never know when he will return
Wanting revenge for what i did
Putting him in the cage
For the pain he has caused me.

I pray he doesnt return
Dying door his hands
Would be the worst death
For death door him will be agony.
posted by Sen_Kagemiya
u cut me real deep
When u left me alone
No thoughts of me you'll keep
Your hart-, hart is made of stone
u go your way
And I'll go mine

I wish u would stay
I will not make the same mistake volgende time
I cry throughout the long harsh nights
My soul starts to decay
The chilling night air bites

Now I am wasted away
I cry out with every fiber of my being
I am now just part of the past

Tears falling on my keyboard tonight
Not tears of longing of sorrow
But tears of the deepest night
I lie awake suffocating
Looking for a way to explain
A way to cope with the end.

Sitting alone gazing at the sky
Thinking of u always make me cry
As the time goes by, wishing u and I
I still love u I can't deny.

how can I love again?
when my hart-, hart beats for you.
how can I forget you?
when I'm always longing for you.
Oakfrost and Whitefoot were enjoying the peaceful walk. They listened to the birds singing and the wind whistling through the trees and grass. Whitefoot heard something he was happy to hear, the sound of a river.

"Hey Oakfrost i hear a river lets get a drink," he zei and took off running.

Oakfrost followed knowing this could be the last time they find water. They arrived at the river and both began drinking. Whitefoot noticed some vis swimming around. Slowly he raised his paw over the water and waited. When a vis got close enough he scooped it out with his paw and threw it onto the land next...
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The sun was high as Oakfrost began his journey again. The blazing heat was too much for him but he knew had to keep going if he wanted to live. As he was walking he thought back at what Runningstar said.

"Oakfrost im sorry for this but the clan feels u will cause famine if u stay here anymore. So i have to banish u from Iceclan. If u ever touch one paw into this territory again the clan wont hesitate to strike u down," Runningstar explained with a little harshness in his voice.

Oakfrost bowed his head he knew he couldn't argue with the clan leader. He got up and walked out of the camp...
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Birds were singing for the sun to rise. Dew dripping off the blades of gras as paws stirred the area. His mud brown pelt was dripping of dew as he was walking to his destination. Oakfrost looked up at the sky his taling, groenblauw like eyes glowing from the morning light. It's been two days since he was banished from his clan, the Iceclan. He closed his eyes thinking back what caused he banishment; back when he was an apprentice.

He stalked to a muis that was enjoying a seed it found. Trying so hard to stay silent he failed. stepping on a stick making it snap the muis took off to its hole.

"Thats the tenth...
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posted by Sen_Kagemiya
Iceclan has many laws to follow any that are broken leads to going hungry of being killed.

1. kits and elders are the first to be fed before anyone else.

2. all assignments gegeven to a cat must be done before they can do anything else.

3. fights against other clan members that are not play is prohibited.

4. dont provoke the other clans so there is no fights.

5. no romantic relationships with different clan cats is a loud.

6. apprentices must climb the highest mountain in order to be named warrior.
Iceclan is one of the three royal clans in the Thorn Mountains. The clan is known for it's ice marks which every cat is born with. Every cats' markings are different none ever repeat.

Oakfrost son of Waterfoot and Bramblewind is a
member of this clan. He was the only kit in the litter who survived the winter. When he was made an apprentice he was the best fighter in all of the clan but he wasn't good at hunting. No matter what he did he always failed the hunts. The other cats thought he was a curse and he would make them all starve so the leader Runningstar decided to kick him out.

His journey to survive was about to begin.