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posted by snapefan09
okay well my opinion is long i think Snape was a good person and if he didn't call Lily a mudblood they could been happy together.Yes i do think Snape was much of a father figure to Harry always saving him as bitter and cold as Snape was he never showed it but he grew to love him and see alot of Lily in him. So over all i think Snape was a good man and it could have worked out and he was brave and noble person for taking on the father figure to Harry for the love of his life as much as he hated James.
 snape ad lily
snape ad lily
He saw Lily walk into the park, her eyes scanning the park for any sign of him.
"Sev? Where are you?"
Severus jumped from the bushes, hopin to give her a scare. To his satisfaction, Lily was surprised. He ran up to her, wrapped his hand all the way around her tiny one and led her to a large boom in the distance.
When they reached the tree, Lily saw a small present lying underneath. Before she ran up to it, Severus grabbed her gently door the shoulders and stared into her sparkling green eyes.
"Happy Birthday, Lily. And thank u for coming. I realize your fiancé probably wants to spend the dag with...
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Severus and lily.
This is in no way me trying to rewrite what Rowling did, cause it's awesome, I just wanted to write something that showed Severus and Lily getting together. So here is my attempt, hope someone out there likes it. 

He who must not be named stepped over James' body and stalked towards the door, where on the other side Lily Potter was trying to pile items against it. A futile attempt to protect herself and her infant son. She rushed over and put Harry in his crib. Panic stretched across her face, Harry couldn't die, he just couldn't. A flash and a bang and Lily knew He had blown...
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posted by DeniseAnne
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posted by twilighter4evr
After a short time from the battle Harry insisted to go to the head masters office alone. Once he was in the office he went straight to Professor Snape’s portrait.

Harry: "Hello Professor"
Snape: "Oh, Mr. Potter to what do I owe the pleasure of your presence today?"
Harry: "I have brought something I recently found in my gewelf, kluis at Gringotts that was addressed to you."
Snape: "Me? What would possibly be addressed to me in your gewelf, kluis Mr. Potter?"
Harry: "It’s a letter sir, from my mother I recognized the hand writing from a letter I found at Sirius’ place."
Snape: "Okay, Mr. Potter please read...
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posted by Urtsula_Laurie
Suddenly, he saw very strong light. He didn't understand what's going on. When he appeared in a dark room, illuminated door the moonlight, his thoughts confused. Suddenly, volgende to the window he saw what caused him to speak.
- L...lily? - he stared at her like a kid in a candy store's window.
Girl, who stood at the window, turned to him. Severus saw her long fiery hair and no longer had any doubts. His Lily. They were slowly catching on to the volgende one.
- Yes, Severus, that's me, - whispered.
He instantly ran to her and hugged her.
- But ... How? How can this happen? - his voice was shaky, tears...
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posted by Snapegirl15
"If u could have anything for your Birthday what would it be?" asked Severus his piercing gaze made the red-headed beauty blush. Her green eyes lowered. "Really Sev, I don't need anything-"
"Why not?"
"I-I just don't know...I have everything." She quickly recovered herself "If means that much to u then suprise me." She smiled.

It was earlier that dag that Gryffindor and Slytherin had their first Quiddich match of the jaar and Gryffindor had won. Severus said, "James isnt the whole reason your house won...Our team was just...tired thats all."
"Sev please don't start with James his not worth...
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posted by LissieCruz
Severus Snape was walking trough Hogwarts yards, he was thinking about his last conversation with Dumbledore, he breath deeply "If only Potter stop reminding me Lily everytime I saw him it could be easier to talk with him, but he hates me and he would never listen to me, I don´t know what to do, if he doesn't like me and he wouldn't listen to me obviously he wouldn't trust me" he closed his eyes,it was a very dark night without moon, suddenly a strange sound brought him to reality, he took out his magic wand and murmur "lumos" , he turned arounnd looking trough the trees and then he raise...
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