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Did Severus make the unbreakable vow before of after Dumbledore asked him to kill him?

The chapter of Spinner's End revealed that it was a maand after the battle of ministry. Did Dumbledore know about the unbreakable vow? Was his finger cursed during summer holiday? Did Severus make the unbreakable vow before of after Dumbledore asked him to kill him?
 ojamajoyy posted een jaar geleden
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LadyNottingham said:
Good question. I had wondered myself that often.

I think Severus did the Vow after he knew about Albus' condition. He had no qualms in making the Vow with Narcissa. His hesitations were only apparent. This is a quote from HBP, Chapter 2, when Severus replied to Bellatrix who suspected him to be a spy against the Dark Lord :

"I am pleased to say, however, that Dumbledore is growing old. The duel with the Dark Lord last
maand shook him. He has since sustained a serious injury because his reactions are slower than
they once were."

The serious injury refers to the curse Dumbledore got when he put on the Gaunt ring. Therefore, it antwoorden to your question. In DH, in the Prince's Tale chapter, it is described that Severus had come quickly to Dumbledore to treat the curse. He zei that he could contain it for about a year. Then there's a whole conversation between Dumbledore and Severus, when he asked him to kill him to spare Draco's soul. At this point, not only they had both arranged the mercy killing of Dumbledore, but they knew about Voldemort's plans of sending young Malfoy to kill the old Headmaster.

Read the books, all the antwoorden are there. Even if I must concede that I did need several readings to reply vragen such as the one u asked. Some things need time to get assimilated.
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posted een jaar geleden 
oic.i thought "a serious injury" means Dumbledore hurt in the duel with the Dark Lord. because of "The duel with the Dark Lord last maand shook him ". =v=" When Severus treated Dumbledore's curse, was it after the school term ended? Would Severus still make the vow if Dumbledore hadnt requested him to kill him yet?
ojamajoyy posted een jaar geleden
I agree with BH. These are memories. An information as essential as a plot to kill Dumbledore could not have been kept door Severus for himself only. That is exactly the kind of information he would have revealed. Severus had even revealed it before Albus put on the cursed Gaunt ring, as Dumbledore states Draco is as much sentenced to death than he is himself. Therefore, Severus could not be surprised. IMHO, he was meer surprised to learn about Harry having to be killed door Voldemort because of that bit of Voldy's soul in the boy. There, his surprise is genuine. I don't know where u read this but honestly, they have not read the chapter properly nor even gegeven the least thought about it. I'm not saying I have the truth but we are enough people to concur about the fact that like BH said, these are only the memories that Severus felt Harry should know.
LadyNottingham posted een jaar geleden
right. * v *
ojamajoyy posted een jaar geleden
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