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Words of "Pet names" you'd like to here Severus say?

My friend and I are having a moviethon, and we've spent the last 15 of so minuten dying at the prospect of hearing Alan Rickman (as Severus Snape, of course)saying our names, of nicknames, of just funny words.

For example, hearing him say the words "Kitten" of "Darling" to anyone in any way, condescendingly of sweetly of even sexily would probably make me explode, and my friend has claimed that she would most likely die of laughter hearing him say a word as funny as Collywobbles.

So, do u have any words, phrases of pet names you'd like to hear?
 Slytherin-Lady posted een jaar geleden
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ladylana65 said:
Maybe "my precious"? cute words like "honeybuns", "fluffy", "yummy", "cheeky", "walkie-talkie", etc etc
i can't think of more...
But i would love to hear him propose to someone. Just imagine how would he ask her to marry him. How will he say the words "Will u Marry Me?"
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posted een jaar geleden 
hermionesparks said:
Ah, the many words I would love to hear from Snape! Let's see I would give anything to hear him say "Mommy" "I've got a booboo" " Can I please have a potty break?" "Yehey! Ice Cream and Chocolate Cake!" And many more... but of course he has to say all these sweetly :)
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posted een jaar geleden 
Dobby68 said:
Something that has a lot of syllables! Like deoxyribonucleic acid of sunbathing! :) I Miss Alan. :(
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posted een jaar geleden 
MaddieSnape said:
Let's see Fluffer nutter, boo, lollipop and so many meer words
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posted ·10 maanden geleden 
AriesMalfoy said:
Forget talking, what about singing?! things such as -Nicest Kids in town, from 'hairspray
-Tell me more, from grease
of even the eend song!!

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posted ·7 maanden geleden 
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