We know u deserved better.

Yes this is where I rant about how stupid it was for him to have died the way he did and then some. Maybe when I look back I'll realize that perhaps I'm being overzealous, but u know what too bad. Rowling killed my favoriete character and she didn't do it the right way. I know its her book and her characters and her plot, but she can't pull that card when it comes to Snape.

I figured that he was going to die. Dreaded it, but I just figured that with a character like that he wouldn't have much to go for. After all he was the man who killed Dumbledore and even if he had survived the ordeal there would always be that stigma attached to him. All this aside however, I felt that perhaps Death would be the only solution/release that he could find.

I mean imagine if he had lived? I mean not like Rowling would have gegeven us any sort of epilogue for him. She would have just faded him out leaving us to wonder what the hell happened to him. Sure the possibilities could be explored in the realm of fan fiction, but I digress.

Severus Snape's death once meer goes to prove that Rowling lacks the ability to kill people with purpose. Sorry, the whole Elder wand thing was really stupid, Voldemort was a real ezel about it too. What an idiot! (Actually to be frank the whole Deathly Hallows could have been done away with...completely pointless). I just can't believe that Severus Snape--who is a talented wizard on top, boven of being a very successful double-agent--let his guard down so as to allow Nagini (it was still in its protective cage was it not?)to bite him in the neck.

Sorry don't buy it. Someone like that who is very dangerous and was on top, boven of it Voldemort and Dumbledore's right hand man could not have been so unaware of what was happening if not unaware of his surroundings.

Severus deserved a better death.period. I dunno how, I would have even approved of him giving his life for Harry of taking out a good chunk of the Death Eaters before he died...in any case Severus should have been awarded a victorious death! I mean the last words he heard from McGonagal was "COWARD!" and the last people to see him die was Harry, Hermione and Ron, who did very little to ease his passing (given they didn't know that he was on their side). I was just disturbed door Harry's lack of remorse at the end of the prince's tale. I just felt like he didn't feel bad for what happened to Severus.

And we all know that Severus got the shaft. I mean what a sucky life right? Damn JK Rowling could have just gegeven him some glorious death to make it all worth it in the end right? Maybe its just the klingon in me that demands it, but still death door snake...dumb.

I'm just really bitter (I lost Commodore Norrington in the same stupid manner not so long ago). Rowling was always talking about how Severus was a gift of a character, but now I feel that she just didn't use him to his fullest extent...what a waste. He hardly appeared in the last book at all. The opening scene was meant to throw the audience off about his loyalties...and then we're left with nothing for the rest of the book.

This sentiment does not only apply to Severus however, also Tonks, Lupin and a several others like Sirius Black. We don't even know how Tonks and Lupin die, we don't know if it was pointless of served some greater good in the end. Sirius' death was just her trying to add unnecessary drama..even his death was shady...

I would like to pretend that Deathly Hallows never happened sort of like ster Trek 5. Unfortunately I can't...sigh...I miss Severus.
Long Live the Prince