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"Time In the blink of an eye u held my hand, u held me tight Now you're gone And I'm still crying Shocked, broken I'm dying inside"
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Chapter 2 : Boarding the train on platform 9/34

Severus didn’t see anyone he knew there. Once on the train, he walked past a compartment. He quickly recognised Lily. But she was not alone four boys there too. Their names were James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettegrew.
“Lily come on. Let’s go somewhere else.”. James eyed Severus. They stared for long seconden without breaking eye contact. Something about it looked bad and it was indeed.
When they arrived a Hogwarts, he first years were sorted into their house. The houses were Grffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin....
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A boy lost to the darkness, who turned away from the light.
The sallow skinned youth stood in the shadows to fight.
He lost his love to the darkness he was in
He's biggest regret, his greatest sin.
...It was then he made the switch, he was a changed man
Working against the wicked one and his evil plan
He made a promise to protect the child with her eyes
No one was to know, he would live in disguise.
A double agent, a secret spy, undercover
All because he had loved her
The darkness fell, the good had won
yet it wasn't over, it had just begun
His path was set he had settled had found his way
It was peaceful...
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It didn't take long for everyone at Hogwarts to find out that Severus Snape and Lily Evans were now an item. They seemed to be attatched to each other like glue. Lily clung to Severus's arm at all times, and it seemed that in light of recent events Snape had decided to wash his hair, taking away the greasy look everyone had come to know so well. Severus smiled down at Lily, her cheeks a rosey red, the perfect shade to match her hair. They made their way outside, in the deserted corridors, they walked near the whomping willow and Severus brought them to a stop. He pulled away from Lily and faced...
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