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Sex and the City My top, boven 5 couples ; favorite?

25 fans picked:
1● steve&miranda
4● big&carrie
5● charlotte&harry
2● carrie&aidan
3● smith&samantha
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 marakii posted een jaar geleden
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laurik2007 picked 4● big&carrie:
adore them ♥ my favorite satc couple :)
posted een jaar geleden.
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Nicolas97 picked 1● steve&miranda:
steve&miranda - by far the best ♥
smith&samantha - love them, too bad they didn't end up together ♥
big&carrie - they are great, kinda annoying at some points but still love them ♥
charlotte&harry - as time goes by I like them more and more ♥
posted een jaar geleden.
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silvia_mckenzie picked 1● steve&miranda:
The same, though I like Charlotte/Harry better than Carrie/Big.
posted een jaar geleden.