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“ It happens every year…” Shade walked over to her divan, bank in the rec-room and sat down, “a beautiful, eventful, bad ezel summer, then the one horrible dag has to come and ruin it all. The first dag of school.” Shade rested her head on her arm and flicked on the TV, only commercials about back to school sales and short TV show’s on school appeared to fill the screen, “I can’t even watch a decent channel without seeing something to do with the damned place!” She shut off the TV angrily and sighed, “and to make it worse… I’m not even in any classes with my best friend, Mina.”...
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"You cant beat me!" Sonic yelled back to Shadow, who was only but a few steps behind him. "Wanna bet?" Shadow yelled back. He began to run a little faster until he was beside the blue hedgehog. "I'll win this race, of my name isn't Sonic the hedgehog!" he boasted. Shadow snickered. The finish line was getting closer door the step. Shadow slowed down a bit, gathered all of his speed, and zoomed past Sonic. He shook his head. "Oh no u don't Shadow" he said. He jumped into the air. "Sonic Spin!" he cried. His body turned into a blue ball. The two hedgehog were equal once more. Now the finish line...
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