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 shadow likes his fans
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posted by shadria
Here comes pt4
On angel island
Knuckles:u have to go alone now
Master emerald:what do u wish for
Shadow:i wish for maria to come back
Master emerald:well she has been dead for 50 years i will make her age every decade (10years)
Shadow:ok as long as she comes back
then teenage maria came out and fell on shadow's arms
Shadow started to cry and hugged maria.
Maria did the same.
Maria:u cried for me?
Shadow:*blushing*yes i did
Maria:lets go meet and greet ur friends
Shadow:wait!i just got u back i don't want to share u right away.
Then they sat down and started to chat.5minutes later shadow introduced maria to everyone and the all got on the x-tornado to go home
To be continued
posted by SkyHedgehog
Shadow isn't real. And even if he was, i'm sure he would be hiding from u weirdos that are freaking obsessed with him and want to rape him. e_e

God that was one fail of a first paragraph...but onto my rant!

*takes a deep breath*

You fangirls are fucking crazy. CRAZY. I know how that is, too. I used to be fucking crazy. Fuck. XD First off, Shadow the Hedgehog is an anthropomorphic hedgehog created door SEGA, the owners of the Sonic franchise. They unleashed a monster. A MONSTER. I think we'd all be better off with just Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Eggman. And Amy, if you're a little adventurous....
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posted by shadowgirl101
SHADOW is so cool!But theres one problem.There is a girl that me and my friend hate and she always makes me mad door saying things like:SHADOW is my boyfriend,i kissed SHADOW,SHADOW is madly in love with me and things like that.But anyway i would be so happy if u want to be my friend on aol if u come from v.m.s vidor middle school.You know we could like talk about SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG and all the other sonic characters.But of course u will have to tell me your name.Oh and my aol name is germaineset.Well later fellow SHADOW fans.
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