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 Shadow's smaragd, emerald
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This Shadow The Hedgehog foto might contain rode kool.

Darisa was on team dark fighting mephiles
Darisa:*defeats mephiles*
Mephiles:This isn't over i'll be back! *jumps in portal*
Shadow:*follows mephiles*
Darisa:*Follows shadow*
But it was too late Darisa is in a different Base
Lea:*hiding*Who is she?
Darisa:*getting ready for attack*WHo r u?? I'm Darisa from Team Dark!
Lea:I'm Lea the seconde ulitimate lifeform!! *pulls out a gun*
Darisa:Ur the seconde ulitimate lifeform?
Lea:Ur from team dark?
Darisa:Yes..... *holds attack & calms down*
Lea:Yes.... *Drops gun & calms down* would u like 2 kom bij my team called team stormy
Darisa:But i'm already in Team Dark.....
Lea:I used to be in team dark as Shadows sister
Darisa:U & shadow were twins...
Darisa:*sighs* fine i'll kom bij but what if shadow finds out what if....
Lea:No Buts Darisa Lets go!
Lea takes Darisa 2 the team stormy tower
Darisa:NIce lounge the team has got! ^_^
Bex:Thanks! R u the new girl? I'm Bex!
Darisa:Yes I'm Darisa

To be Continued....
*in dream*
Me:Sam! Your alive!
Sam:Yes i am! *Twitches and blood comes out of her mouth.*
Me:O_O' Sam? Are u sure you're ok?
Sam:*distorted* I'm fine i just--*head explodes*
Me:No!!!! Not that!!!!
(Shadow appears behind Sam's body)
Shadow:*smiles evily* Did u think it would be that easy to get rid rid of me? I made a bargain with the assasin. I temporarily give him my rings and he gives me your adress.
Me:Sam... I'm sorry *closes eyes and gets ready to die*
Shadow:Now then this will only hurt forever.
*Shows me all my family members in a cage*
Me:Shadow what are you--No!!! Please don't!!! Kill me...
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 Fate of the Stars Reen
Fate of the Stars Reen

(this is written in Ranes point of view)
When i awoke, i was in a dark scarey room that seemed to b make out of clouds. "heeeelllooo?" i yelled "Welcome Dutchess Rane the cat" a voice from the other side of the room of clouds zei and a dark cloaked figure appeared all i cud see was the figures bright blue shiney eyes "i am the fate of the Stars in the beautiful nite sky Reen and i am the one who shall test u on yer pure heartliness" the fate raised her hand and a image of my father appeared "this is yer father Governor
Venise Lord Valice the...
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Those who know and want to know
I need a little assistance on the design, other for this subject:
I’m working on a new story now to and making it a 3D movie and it is related to "shadow"

An entirely new story, in addition to some events related to the known about "shadow", and will be finished during the almost 10 years, but I will clarify some important and interesting sections of the story here,............... it’s a beautiful story and The main axis is the "shadow", a high incidence of accidents and sad passages, but the others giggled over the usual, and the end is very happy

note: those...
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shadow is in a cafe alone thinking"why coudlnt i have had siblings"
*Sonic enters the cafe arguing with manic*
Manic:I told u i was sorry besides u Knew she was cheating!
Sonic:Stupid Sally I should of never hed trusted her!
Sonic:Get the HECK OUT!!!!!
*Manic leaves the cafe*
Sonic:Hi Shadow
Shadow:You're so lucky
Sonic:What do u mean?
Shadow:Well u have siblings but your taking it for granted u dont know how many people would like to have siblings!!
*Sonic looks down*
Sonic:Your right
*Silver enters the cafe*
Silver:Hey shadow there's someone who says he knows you.
*A tall doberman with claws everywhere and dressed in sky blue*
Stranger:Hey Shadow remmeber me?
Stranger:My name is Claw.Iwas created door Gerald Robtnik.I was created when one dag Dr.Gerald zei he did not like your powers so he created me.So biologically speaking im your brother.
posted by SmileyStar33
Last time....

Raven was being random with sonic and amy!

Shadow:How did u my name?
Raven:Just did the usual
Vanilla:Raven may i have a world with u?
Raven:Sure *giggles* Cya Shadow! *walks with vanilla*
Shadow:*in his head* who was she? was she marias old friend? is she real? and where did she come from?

In vanillas room..
Vanilla:In 3 nights shadows gonna babysit u
Raven:Cool i'll be ok
Raven:Bye! *walks out*

With Shadow
Shadow:*holds raven romanticly* HOW DID U KNOW MY NAME???
Raven:Ur so cute when ur angry that's what girls on my planet say
Shadow:Shut UP & tell me who u r, where did u come from, how did u get here, and what r u????

To be CONTINUED.......
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Pilot:You might.....
*but it was 2 late i'm falling through the sky 4 hours later BAM!!!*
Me:*looks around* this doesn't look it's earth at all it looks it's planet mobious wait a minuut it's planet Mobious!! *faints*
5 hours later....,
Me:Morning Mobius!! *looks around* i'm in a bED?!!?
Vanilla: Yes, & who r u? and where did u come from?
Me:I'll tell u what happened THEN I'LL TELL U WHO I AM!!! frist i told a pilot that a need a parachute and the plane blew up then i was falling through the sky then i landed in mobious then I fanited!!!
Vanilla:Thank u for telling me Who are you?
Me:I'm Raven!!!! & i'm crazy!!!
Vanilla:Well Raven i'll let u meet the others...

" Who was that girl?' Shadow paused for a moment wondering if he met her before . " Is she real?","Is she just like any other." Shadow soon ran;trying to find her. Shade was siting in the open free grassland. "Hello again Shadow." She turned again with that face. That fearsome look, those blood shot eyes of hers.He grabbed her. " what do u want,How do u know me!!I want to know now!" She laughed. " Your so cute when u get angry!" He growled. "Tell me!!" " No." "Why not?!" "Because...I don't want to yet,the meer u don't know right now the better,but if u want to escape this choas right now come with me." She took him door the hand and led him to a dark space. " where are we ?!!!" "Somewhere.." A loud sound started to come upon Shade. "Oh no it's him.." "Who?" " The demon we have to leave! " She took him door the hand and began running. The black demon stopped then. It stood there motionless for a moment then spoke."No ones going anywhere.."
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Ok so I'm back and god that was creepy!

We have arrived,said knuckles. Urm can u guys remind me what we are doing here? I asked. *sigh* We are here to look for the master smaragd, emerald as for according to knuckles - shadow broke off and knuckles finished his scentance - the master emarald somehow rose off angel island and landed here in the ruins and it broke into lots of little fragments. So let me get this straght we are here to look for smaragd, emerald fragments? I zei in a highly puzzled voice. Yes. shadow and knuckles zei together. I looked up at the top, boven of the knuckles shrine in time to see a blue...
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"Okay, now I'm getting a little pissed." zei Kodi when he saw the hedgehogs approach. "I'm going to finish this." "Yeah, let's party!" zei Sonic dashing at him. Kodi kicked at him, but he caught his foot and threw him. Shadow used a Chaos Nightmare to shoot him to Silver, who grabbed him in his psychokenisis and squezed him. Silver threw Kodi back to Sonic, and Sonic deflected him to Shadow using Sonic Wind. Shadow used Chaos blast to send Kodi to Silver, who catches and holds him while Sonic wailed on him and Shadow charged an EX Chaos Spear. Sonic shot back and Shadow released his attack....
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 Fate of the Moon Lonnas
Fate of the Moon Lonnas

(this is written in miserys point of view)

so i woke up in this pitch black cloudly room with the walls and stuff made of clouds it was kinda creepy i thought i was in hell of something
then i heard this voice "so u have awakened Project Misery The Hedgehog" "who the hell r u and how do u know my name?" i asked then a cloaked figure imerged from the darkness of the other side of the room from under its mantel all i could see was its shiney red eyes and i could tell from the voice it was a girl "i am the fate of the all holy moon Lonnas i know all...
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Suddenly, they were all teleported to Angel Island and someone hit Kodi with a laser. He turned around and shouted "Eggman!" as Metal Sonic spinballed into him. As Metal and Kodi fought, Sonic said, "You saved us?" Eggman replied, "I have to be the one to kill you, not one of my defective machines. Now go and find meer rings!" The hedgehogs nodded and zoomed off. Meanwhile Kodi zei "I was waiting to retire u after I took care of the meatbags, but you'll do nice-OMPF!" Kodi was cut off door Metal's Chest Cannon. He fired again, but Kodi took it head on and headbutted him. Kodi then used an...
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 Fate of the Sky Skimmer
Fate of the Sky Skimmer

i awoke in a pitch black room. the walls and floor of the room seemed to made of clouds. dark stormy looking clouds "so u have awakened Princess Wednesday Jaxee Shocker III the Hedgehog" zei a voice from the far end of the room. the mysterious person knew my name my FULL name! then the mysterious person emerged from the darkness. it was a cloaked figure with yellow eyes that u could see from under the mantel and i could tell it was a female. "i am the fate of the sky Skimmer and i am the one who shall b giving u yer test miss Shocker" she said...
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Spike:I thought u stal my KITTY!!!!!!
Raven & Crystal:0_0 WHAT?!?!??!?!?
8 hours later.......
Raven:That took forever!!!!
??????:ur going 2 be sorry crystal!!!!
Crystal:sssshhhhhh!!!!! he's tryng 2 kill me
Raven:Now lets get ta hell out of here!!!!
*crystal & raven leave*
At CRystals place.....
CRystal:RAven wanna take my bed & i could take the other 1
Crystal:even though our rooms r volgende 2 each others!
later that night....
Crystal:*rushes 2 ravens room* Raven? *gasps and relizes something*Ravens been Kidnapped door who? *relizes* not that romantic chaser Looks like thats another mission *teleports*