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Recoloring Amy Rose to Shadow the Hedgehog :D
amy rose
starter recoloring
posted by BlackShadowC
Section 2/ watch your words, they become your actions
We all went to the professor’s home. He does not live far, just the other side of knothole. His home pagina is a museum, the historical museum of Mobius and beyond. His house is the small room on the far left, it is just a bedroom.
He was in his private study, in the back of the museum. We knocked on the door, there was no answer. We knocked again, this time he replied, “it is open!” we entered. Everything in the room was perfect, almost too perfect. He stood up and greeted us.
Professor augurk is not that tall, only 5’ 10”. He has large...
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WARNING!: IF u HAVE NOT READ CHAPTER 1-3 DO NOT READ THIS WILL MAKE ABSOLUTLY NO SENCE! thank you. And to see the pics of the characters got to -wednesday's- of my photos

I woke up that morning feeling dizzy. I blinked confused as my vrienden weren't there. It took me a few seconden befor i woke fully and became worried. I jumped up off the bed "SASHA, WEDNESDAY WHERE ARE u GUYS!" i yelled in a worried tone. "we're over here!" was my anserw i scratched my quils that now shon a bright glolden blue color in the small amount of sun that shone trough the curtains. I walked in to the kithchen where...
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posted by kodithehedgehog
Kodi and Jessy arrived at a crosswalk across the straat from Club Rouge. "HEY SIS!!" zei a voice behind them that made Kodi jump. Jessy replied, "Oh no. Hi sis." A vos, fox the same age as Jessy ran up to them. She was light blue instead of blue like Jessy, and she had a light green dress instead of green. Jessy zei "What are u doing here?""Don't u know Night Babylon is the best place to shop? Heyyyy, who's your friend?" "This is Kodi. Kodi, this is my sister Sassy." Kodi extended his hand as if to shake hands. "You're cute, are u dating my sister?" Kodi and Jessy replied at the same time...
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This Is Team Dark.I No This Might Make Ppl Mad At Shadow But Oh Well.All Credictsz Go To Sega Comic Ppl And SonicComicWorld. Does Anyone UnderStand Why Team Dark Needsz The Emerld.?
team dark
hedgehog amy blaze
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