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One day, sharmaine was in her house looking at her chaotic gem and all of a sudden it turns black and starts glowing.

Sharmaine: what the?

*gem glows brighter and a portal opens*

Sharmaine: ? *walks in the portal* woooooaaah!

*portal takes her to the underworld*

Sharmaine: i?

???: youre in the underworld

Sharmaine: who are you?

???: my name is fang and who are you?

Sharmaine: my name is sharmaine the vampire hedgehog

Fang: are u related to queen chyna the wolf vampire?

Sharmaine: QUEEN??!!?? Yeah im related to her

Fang: *phone rings* hello?......oh hi queen chyna.........yeah she's in front...
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Name: sharmaine
Age: 14
Gender: female
Species: vampire hedgehog
D.O.B: october 31,1998
Powers: lightning
Weapons: gitaar and a hammer
vacht, bont color: purple/ grey
Eye color: brown/ yellow

Bio: sharmaine was an orphan for 10 years and she was not adopted. So ten years past and the orphanage shut down and sharmaine had to take care of herself. Sharmaine is a vampire hedgehog she was cursed when she was born that's why she's a vampire hedgehog. Sharmaine turns into a vampire when she's mad.
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One day, sharmaine was sleeping door the lake then she hears screaming.....

Sharmaine: *wakes up* what the?

*sharmaine sees robots surrounding a young woman in a alley*

???: please leave me alone

Robots: no! Master surge wants u *grabs her and takes her away*

Sharmaine: hallo LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!!! *spins into a tornado and destroys the robots*

???: thank u so much.......hey u look familiar kinda like my daughter I lost 10 years ago

Sharmaine: well I can't acually see u miss stranger because its dark......

???: oh sorry...... *walks into the light and the woman looks exactly like sharmaine*

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In the green heuvel zone sonic was playing with tails and then surge came......

Surge: give me the chaos emeralds

Sonic: uh, who the heck are you

Surge: I am surge the wolf now gimme the emeralds

Sonic: are u good of evil?

Surge: good....

Sonic: ok I only have one of the emeralds shadow, rouge, and knuckles have the rest *gives surge one of the emeralds*

Surge: *swipes it* thanks sucker *teleports away*

Sonic: w-what??

Tails: I think that surge guy wasn't a nice guy

Sonic: that little brat took my chaos emerald!!


Shadow: *shooting pictures of dr. Eggman* take that eggman

Surge: *takes...
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One day, sharmaine was with her friend frostene....

Sharmaine: what are u building lil' frosty?

Frostene: -_-' for the tenth time I'm building a pair of robotic shoes

Sharmaine: for who??

Frostene: *sigh* for myself

Sharmaine: oh

Frostene: *her bracelet glows blue* woah.....

Sharmaine: what's up with your bracelet?

Frostene: this means my chaotic gem is missing!!

Sharmaine: hallo I still got my chaotic gem *goes in her pocket for her gem* what the? My gem is missing too!

Frostene: who would steal the gems!?

Surge: *flies up with both of their gems* see ya' later suckers *flies away*

Sharmaine: *growls*...
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Kicking dudes in the nuts
Her friends
Her powers
Mexican food
Chinese food
Ice cream

Leo the hedgehog (her brother)
Chyna the wolf (her mother)
Trevor the hedgehog (her father)
People who hates her
annoying things
Her werewolf vampire form

Her emotions:

Happy: she smiles a lot, do gymnastics, and she waves at people a lot

Sad: she stays quiet, puts her head down, of she keeps her eyes closed

Mad/ Angry: she yells a lot, cussing, punching things, of throw a tantrum

Exited: she acts silly, jumps around, and flips alot
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I know I know, its a song from my little pony, but its legit!
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