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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Did u ever cry while watching Your Lie in April?

20 fans picked:
Yes! meer than once
No, but I did feel sad
Yes, but only a little bit
Nope ~ I didn't even feel sad
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 LittleMissBook posted een jaar geleden
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Eula2003 picked Yes! meer than once:
much I CRY
posted een jaar geleden.
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BennieBear27 picked Yes, but only a little bit:
I was on the verge of tears, which is saying something because stuff like this rarely makes me tear up. Let's just say it took quite a few tissues to dry my eyes.
posted een jaar geleden.
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KaoriandKousei picked Yes! meer than once:
It was just so sad </3
posted een jaar geleden.
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Kuro_Hyou666 picked No, but I did feel sad:
Almost. It was sad, but it wasn't as sad as Clannad, which apparently desensitised me to sad anime.
posted een jaar geleden.
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Xuan_A123 picked Yes! meer than once:
I cried a lot... especially in the beginning. It did make me feel tons of emotions, which is what I look forward to in anime.
posted ·8 maanden geleden.
last edited ·8 maanden geleden