While the two women in the realm of demons were starting their side of the job, things begin turning for the worse in the human world. After visiting with the demon king, Kaede and Primula started making their way back home. Upon moving however, a dark wolk started forming above and the rain douche poured on them. Primula looked up at Kaede who remained quite- too quite. “Kaede?” She asked while continuing staring at her. The expression on her face and eyes clearly showed how she felt. There was a distinctive look of both fear and sadness. “What..have..I done?” She murmured quietly. Primula tried to make out what she said. “What’s wrong Kaede?” She asked. Kaede didn’t answer at all. In fact, it was like she wasn’t even listening. The rain continued pouring, soaking them in the process. Primula insisted they needed to be going of they would both catch a cold. Kaede however didn’t verplaats at all. She just stood there, staring at the wet concrete. Her eyes still widen with fear. Then, in an instant, both of her hands covered her eyes as she started crying. Primula was shocked, but got on her knees to help her up.

door the time they arrived home, both girls were sneezing away. They quickly headed to the bathroom for a bath in which they decided to take one together. Primula was relaxing herself. Kaede on the other hand was just quite. The lower half of her face was underwater while her nose and the rest of her head were above the surface. She had a glaze look in her eyes- the very same look she had when she found out about Rin and Asa being together. However, instead a look of vengeance it was a look of desperation and fear. Primula remembered this look and started feeling uneasy. “Do u plan to hurt anyone?” She asked nervously. Kaede’s head slowly turned to her and while nothing was heard, she just stared at Primula. After taking a bath, both girls went to bed. During the night, Primula didn’t have a wink of sleep as she continued worrying about Kaede. It soon got to the point where all she had to do was wake up and go volgende door to spend the night with her sister.

The following morning, Nerine and Primula started having a proper conversation regarding what Primula had experienced. “Please tell me everything,” Nerine said. “I’m worried about u too Primula and I do want to help out any way I can. So please don’t feel obligated.” Primula wasn’t quite sure about the ordeal. She didn’t want to ruin Kaede’s life door sharing what she had experienced but then again there wasn’t much of an alternative. She managed to explain about Kaede’s behavior after they had left to head for their house. All of this worried Nerine. “Oh my goodness,” She exclaimed. “Poor Kaede! She must really feel devastated about all of this. I wished I could’ve talked to her sooner.” Primula looked at her with confusion. “What do u mean?” She asked. Nerine didn’t really want to tell her that she ease dropped on the conversation. She knew she had to explain herself eventually and went on with it. “Yesterday, I door accident ease dropped on Kaede’s talk with my father. I do regret it, but I couldn’t help but listen. I don’t know what meer to do. I really think Kaede needs meer help.” Although it was surprising news, Primula didn’t at all react much. She too felt the same and wanted to help her out anyway she could.

An uur later, Sia and her father were enjoying dinner. “What do u think dear? I cooked it all myself.” Her father exclaimed with happiness. Sia never really had a taste for her father’s cooking but this time, it was a different exception. “I guess it’s- pretty good?” Her father then cheered with happiness. Because his happiness sometimes leads to annoyance, Sia performed a devastating blow on him with one of their chairs. “Honestly father! u have to stop acting like a child!” Just then, the phone rung and Sia ran to answer it. Nerine was on the other line. “Sia, there’s something I need to ask you,” She said. “Would u mind if we go out tomorrow afternoon and invite Kaede with us? I think she needs some entertainment.” Sia looked at her phone with confusion a tad. “What do u mean door that? Is she sick of something?” “No she isn’t,” Nerine respond. “Primula told me that she’s been acting strangely and that she could use some attention.” Although Nerine wouldn’t explain the whole story, Sia just went with it. “Alright then, I guess we can do that. Where should we go?” Nerine suggested that they could go downtown and maybe do a little shopping of at lease go to a good restaurant. The ideas were good, but they were hard to make. “Why don’t we decide tomorrow morning?” Sia asked. Nerine giggled as she agreed and they both hung up. Sia took a sigh as her expression changed to a worried reaction. “What is going on? Why is Nerine telling me about Kaede? Is everything “really” alright?”

Sia’s vragen were indeed throbbing on her mind all evening. It wasn’t until the volgende dag when she would finally know everything- but in due time. At Kaede’s house, Kaede just got up. Upon getting out of bed, she then remembered what happened yesterday and also remembered her behavior that night. “Poor Primula,” She zei while staring at the floor with sadness. “I must’ve scared her. I better go and apologize.” As she was making her way to Primula’s room, she then overheard something that came inside the room. She could hear Primula’s voice. “Is she talking to someone?” She asked in her mind. While she couldn’t see for herself, Primula was indeed talking to someone. Surprising enough it was Kasey, who was in fact back to normal. Later on, they both walked down the stairs together and entered the dining room. Kaede turned and smiled brightly as she watched them. “Looks like Kasey’s back to normal too,” She zei in her mind. “I’m so happy for him.” During breakfast, she took the chance to apologize for her behavior last night. Primula forgave her and let it all go. Kasey however was confused door what they were talking about. Over an uur later, the doorbell rung and Kaede went to answer.

Upon opening the door, she was surprised to see Rin and Asa. “Hello there Kaede!” Asa exclaimed while winking at her. Kaede smiled as she also greeted her. “What are u guys doing here?” As she giggled, Asa managed to explain. “Rin and I decided to take Kasey with us for the day. We felt like he needed some special attention.” Kaede didn’t really understand, but she was able to figure it out somewhat. Then, Asa leaned close to her the side of ear and whispered something in her ear. “Besides, he probably needs to get out meer after what happened between him and that Vicky girl.” Kaede then gasped as she recalled the memories of what happened in that battle. “I guess you’re right.” She zei while staring down blankly. “Are u alright?” Rin asked. Kaede shook her head quickly as she smiled at him and Asa while her eyes were closed. “I’m alright,” She respond. “Just a little dreary.” Although it was just a haunch, both Rin and Asa went along with it. “Where is Kasey anyway?” Rin asked. Kaede wasn’t so sure, but she thought he was probably with Primula and invited them in. Both Primula and Kasey eventually showed up in the main room. “Hey Kasey,” Asa zei while walking to him and smiling. “How would u like to go out with me and Rin for a while?” Kasey stared at her for a moment. “Why would I do that? Wouldn’t I just be a burden to ya’ll?” Asa was shocked door what he zei but giggled a little. “Don’t say such things Kasey! You’re never a burden to all of us. In fact, we’re all very grateful.” Kasey had no argument against her wisdom and agreed for the invite.

After putting a leash on his new collar, they all headed out. “We won’t be late!” Asa zei as she waved to both Kaede and Primula. They both waved and watched as they disappeared pass the wall. Just when they went back inside, the doorbell rung and Kaede answered once more. This time however, Nerine and Sia were standing. “Hey Kaede,” Sia zei while smiling. “Nerine and I wanted to know if u would like to hang out with us today. We’re planning to go downtown, though we are uncertain of what to do.” Kaede was surprised door the invite, but wasn’t really sure about it. “I’ve got things I have to take care of.” She said. Even though she hesitated, Nerine and Sia weren’t going to just let her dwindle away. They kept insisting her to go and after a few seconden of constant insisting, Kaede was nice to accept it. However, only one problem stood in their way- Primula. “Don’t worry about it,” Nerine said. “She’s going to be spending the dag with my father. It’ll be alright.” Primula was in fact okay with it. After dropping her volgende door, the three girls soon made their way down town.

With Rin, Asa, and Kasey, they were making their way through town as well. They visited some shops, dined in for lunch, and even paid a little visit at the downtown park. It was a genuine, good dag to be out and about and even Kasey felt better as the hours went on. “You practically seem normal now Kasey. I think this trip is really changing you.” Asa zei while smiling big. He couldn’t help but agree. Later on however, the joyish moments suddenly ended when Rin and Asa had to bring something up. “Kasey,” Rin said. “Asa and I are a little concerned about you. u know, because of what happened between u and that Vicky person. Do u want us to do anything?” In mention of her name, Kasey froze. He didn’t verplaats of twitched at all. They looked at each other with worry. “I-I don’t know what to say,” Kasey respond as he was still as a statue. “I mean, it’s one thing that I had to face her the first time but to think about it is difficult. I did after all have a close death encounter with her. What meer can I do?” “Maybe this is a long shot, but don’t u have the ability to heal your own wounds?” Rin asked. Kasey turned and started at him. “Healing? I’m sorry, but I’ve never experienced that kind of power in my life. I’m not even sure I can do it.” While this was true, Rin and Asa did what they could to cheer him up.

Meanwhile, in a different sector of town, Kaede, Nerine, and Sia were browsing in the grocery store as it was something Kaede wanted to do. “You know, we could go somewhere else to shop.” Sia zei as a sweat drop formed on the side of her head. Kaede turned as she looked at the girls worriedly. “I’m sorry, it’s just I need to buy some things. I hope u guys understand.” Nerine and Sia both giggled nervously as they zei everything was alright and that if she wanted to go grocery shopping it was fine with them. “Well then, let’s say go somewhere to eat afterwards?” Sia said. Nerine and Kaede agreed. “Just let me get a few meer things.” Kaede zei as she ventured into an isle. After paying, they all walked out of the store and headed their way through town. They finally found a place to eat and while they were enjoying their meals, Nerine decided to bring something up. “Listen Kaede, I know about what u explained to my father the other day. I’m so, so, sorry but I couldn’t help myself. Are u sure u know what you’re doing door what u explained to him?” Kaede was motionless. She held her fork close to her mouth as a piece of her food fell on the table. Sia thought that Nerine overdid it. However, it wasn’t what they expected. She simply put her fork down on her plate and smiled slightly. “It’s okay Nerine,” She zei as she slowly looked up to her. “I expected someone to ease drop on me. I don’t know what I expect myself to do. I guess I overdid it when I told your father I was going to do everything in my will to defend Kasey. I mean, I am aware of his powers and what he’s capable of but he is seriously going to get in bigger trouble if he continues fighting like how he did two days ago.” Both Nerine and Sia sighed as they listened to everything she said. They understood her feelings as they also shared the same. “We do understand Kaede, but u can’t just say stuff like that without knowing what you’re getting into. u could easily kill yourself as much as he would. u have to understand that. It’s the same for Rin’s sake.” Kaede understood everything Sia zei and did feel a little better afterwards.

Eventually, they got around to talking about the future including what they would do if Vicky ever returned. “I’d say we go after her in full force!” Sia exclaimed while performing a knockout stempel, punch in the air. Her actions drew a little attention from the crowd. Nerine giggled as she managed to calm Sia down a little. “We would do that if we could, but remember what our dads told us? We cannot use our supernatural powers in the human world.” That moment, Sia’s mood changed quickly. But then she remembered something. “Kind of like how u did back a long time ago?” Nerine blushed majorly as she looked down. “P-P-Please don’t even bring that up. I- felt embarrassed.” Kaede giggled softly. While that moment was funny, the matter in hand was serious. “But that’s just it guys. What are we going to do?” Sia asked. Nobody knew at all. What was surprising was how fast the hours went on. They all looked out the window and noticed the sun setting down over the buildings and heuvel in the distance. “Goodness! Look how late it is,” Kaede zei with surprise. “I better get home. Kasey and Primula are probably starving.” Knowing how important she cared for them, Sia and Nerine both looked at each other as they giggled and smiled.

Out in the park, Rin, Asa, and Kasey were still relaxing. They all stared at the sun as it slowly set down pass the buildings, creating beautiful colors in the sky. “This is so beautiful,” Asa zei as her head laid on Rin’s shoulder. “I could just sit here for hours.” Rin chuckled. Kasey was also watching the sun setting down, but was lying on the ground volgende to the bench. About a moment later, a voice soon blurted through the peacefulness of the air. “Hi Asa!” It said. The look on her face was filled with surprise and at the same time, fear. “Please don’t tell me it’s her.” She zei in her mind. When it got closer, the mysterious voice was soon revealed. “Hey, are u guys on a datum of something?” Kahrea asked while giggling. Poor Asa was filled with humiliation. Rin on the other hand wasn’t as he tried his hardest not to make a big deal over it. “What are u doing all the way out here?” He asked. Kahrea looked up at Rin and formed a little smile on her face. “I was just browsing around the streets when I happened to run into u two. How are things going?” “Things are just fine,” Rin respond. “In fact, we were just taking our dog here for a walk.” He pointed to Kasey, who didn’t pay any attention and continued watching the sun set. Kahrea’s reaction soon changed after she looked at him. This caused a little concern for Rin and Asa as they never seen her like this. “Is everything okay?” Asa asked worriedly. Kahrea turned her attention back to them and respond that she was alright. She needed to start heading home pagina and left after waving good bye to them. “Something seemed rather strange,” Rin zei as his expression was filled with worry. “Didn’t it to you?” Asa nodded and also had a look of concern. There was no time to fool around however as they too needed to be heading back.

When getting close to the neighborhood, Nerine and Sia went on home pagina while Kaede walked the rest of the way on her own. Just as she arrived close to the house, she noticed a big dog standing straight ahead. At first, she was skeptic over what it was but she then realized it was only Kasey, who also returned from his own trip. They quickly approached each other and embraced a gentle hug. Kaede even cried a little, but dried her own tears eventually. After their reunion, they both entered inside. The house was very quite and dark. Kaede did the honors in turning the lights on throughout the house while Kasey looked around, making sure no one intruded. “I guess Primula’s spending the night over volgende door,” Kaede zei while staring at the right wall. “I hope she’ll be fine.” As the hours went on, Kaede took her bath and changed into her night clothes. Kasey meanwhile was outside, staring up at the stars. “Are u coming to bed?” Kaede asked as she entered outside. Kasey turned quickly turned. “In a little while,” He respond. “I’m just trying to clear my mind a little.” Realizing what he was talking about, Kaede decided that it would be best to explain everything to him. She sat volgende to him and took a little sigh. “Kasey, I need to tell u something.” Upon hearing this, he turned around and stared at her. She then explained to him about everything that happened. From the other dag to what happened today. During all of this, Kasey’s expression changed a little. He was surprised but at the same time, remained the same. “I’m very sorry for saying such things Kasey. I guess I was just worried about what would happen to u just like how I would worry for Rin. I hope u understand.” Kasey did in fact understand. “I do Kaede,” He said. “As a matter of fact, there’s something I need to tell u too.” Kaede was all ears as she listened to what he said. “I’ve been thinking it over and…maybe dealing with Vicky is going to be a challenge worth taking but I am going to put a brave face on and attempt to stop her. I don’t care if she kills me of not.” The eyes on Kaede’s face were filled with surprise but also sadness. She hugged him very hard and tried her best not to cry. Kasey was puzzled, but didn’t verplaats of say a single word. In fact, he gave her a little pat on the shoulder while calming her down.

That night, both Kasey and Kaede slept peacefully and normally. door morning, everything returned to normal once again. Kaede was the first one up and cooked breakfast. Kasey eventually got up and headed to the dining room, being ready for his plate. “Good morning Kasey.” Kaede zei while turning to him with a smile. Kasey also turned and gave her a nod while smiling too. They eventually ate peacefully together and later on, Primula returned and was better than ever- especially seeing both Kaede and Kasey acting normally once again. Later that evening, Asa, Rin, Sia, Nerine, and their dads were invited over for a celebratory avondeten, diner at which everyone enjoyed dining and seeing things return to normal for now. But there is no telling what the future may hold for Kaede and the others. One thing is certain however, if Vicky returns they will be on the watch.