Silent heuvel RP (Movie RP)

InvadaMiz posted on Jan 30, 2012 at 08:05AM
I, I personaly have only seen the movie.Never played the game, so im doing a Movie RP!Use human characters that YOU came up with, on your own.Your characters meet mine after you wake up.Fill this out if you want to join, this is my first RP on this fan club so please join?Fill this out if you want to:


You don't have to join, I would appreciate it if you could though.I'm on from 2:40PM to 11:00PM :)

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een jaar geleden InvadaMiz said…
Name:Nova Kiamna.
Skill(s)?:Evasiveness, Agility, etc.
Weapon(s)?:Shotgun and Hunting knife.
Fear(s):Death, Darkness, Those THINGS.
Bio:Nova's little sister, Delilah, ran away and her parents, abusive and alcoholics, blamed it on Nova.They sent her away to find her sister, she doesn't look were she's going and walks into the side of the mountain.She passes out, a few hours later it's morning, she wakes up in the church, and she's dressed in a nun's outfit.She puts her clothes back on and sneaks out."Delilah!?"Nova called.She called several times, but never saw Delilah.She finds you lying on the street and drags you inside.

Name:Delilah Kiamna.
Skill(s):Being able to hide and fit in small places.
Weapon(s):Handgun (yes an eight-year-old has a gun)
Fear(s):Darkness, Spiders, Monsters, and the things at night.
Bio:Delilah runs away to Silent Hill.The nuns at the church nearly kill her, but she gets away.She hides under a bed in the hotel where no one can find her.She finds a gun and tons of ammo that her sister left behind by accident.She stays close to small spaces to hide in.You eventually meet her and she runs away after you hear her name.
een jaar geleden Rhys_Jones said…
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Name: Rhys Jones
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Skill(s): Agility, Hand to Hand Combat
Weapon(s): Handgun, Khukri Knife
Fear(s): Mirrors, Spiders, Injuries to the Mouth, Lonesome, Darkness
D.O.B.: July 15, 1999
Bio: Adopted, Rhys (pronounced Reese) grew up with an abusive father, and a drunkard of a mother. He was bullied severely in school, and began to hate his life (he isn't emo or goth). His life was a blur a few years later, and he hadn't remembered what had happened to his family, or where he's been since then. Coming upon the town of Silent Hill, he finds that he was the son of the demon that serves as the cults God. Journeying through the demented town, he finds that he actually killed his family, and was entered into a mental institution, the dozens of injections and beatings resulting in forgetfulness of his past.