Silent heuvel Create your own silent heuvel character

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Must include:
home town
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Silent heuvel 36 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden MusicLover0137 said…
Okay, well I'm working on creating mine and I have a question. I tend to go over-the-top, but I love designing characters, so if I felt like it, could I possibly include a partial psychological profile that says which monsters would appear to my character? I know it's crazy, but it's something I would find interesting and challenging.
een jaar geleden Vampisar said…
Of course! Im creating a fan fic; and if I like your character (Which I think I will, due to the fact I love it when oc creators go over the top with designs) may I use him/her? (of course all cred will go 2 u) Anything you would like to add is cool, after all its not silent hill if the characters dont have pshyc problems (or a steel pipe 4 that matter xD)
een jaar geleden MusicLover0137 said…
LOL! Right you are! And sure! I don't mind at all. I'm probably going to right a story using my character too. I'm just finishing up the profile now :)
een jaar geleden Vampisar said…
Cool! I'm adding mine tonight, as if I havent waited long enough xD Im a procrasonator sorry xD
een jaar geleden MusicLover0137 said…
That's alright. I am too, usually XD
een jaar geleden MusicLover0137 said…
Okay! Here it is! I figured it would be too long to put in here, so here's a link where I posted it on DeviantART: link
een jaar geleden Vampisar said…
Heres my character, Hope ya like:
Name: Avalon Vastola
Nick names: Ava, Val, Av, Avie, and Avel
Nationality: Caucasian
Appearance: Avalon is 5’11’ tall, she weighs 110lbs, has long naturally wavy layered auburn hair, olive skin, wears a loose off shoulder purple top (with belt over the shirt tying it at the waist), wears perfectly fitting bell bottom jeans and Tonia wedged sandals, has a tattoo of the Japanese symbol of hope on her left breast, wears a jade necklace her brother gave her before he died
Eyes: hazel
Build: slender, slightly athletic
Age: 21
Birth day: July 18, 1988
Occupation: child therapist / child psychologist
Weapon: knife (changes)
Phobias: Extreme fear of hospitals & doctors, and fear of death by drowning or being buried alive
Psychological Disorders: Sociopathic attributes, Traumatized, self guilt, failed at suicide
Awakening: After a traumatizing childhood with frequent abuse from both parents, a 19 year old Avalon set out to become a psychologist; to make sure no person had to suffer the same as her. Later, after 2 years of work without vacation, her friends urged her to take a break, and check out Silent Hill; the so called evil town. Avalon, being a connoisseur and critic of any town or place deemed haunted or tainted, gratefully accepted. While driving down an uncharted path said to lead into Silent Hill, she felt the hum of her shiny new BMW convertible fail and her car came to a sudden stop. While trying to call a tower, all she received was static. Scared and desperate, she decided to get out of her car and find out what the problem is. After examining her ripped tire and empty gas tank, she felt a piercing chill run down her spine. She turned around and saw nothing before being knocked unconscious by an unknown attacker. She dreamt of her former life:
Memory 1
“I don’t want to go daddy, please don’t make me.” I protested, starring at him through the mirror.
“You have to. Don’t complain.” Daddy said, French braiding my hair and aligning it with my back.
“But everyone makes fun of me.” I whined, followed by a wince due to daddy tugging on a loose strand of hair falling from my braid.
“You’re different.” He shrugged, and admired my reflection.
“But why, why do I have to be different? I didn’t do anything to deserve this.” I felt tears brink over my eyes, not finding the strength to wipe them away.
“You were born a freak.” He said, helping me up from my chair.
“I hate mommy. I hate you. I hate my life!” I screamed at him. I pushed him away from me and threw my priceless antique vase directly at his face. I watched as it shattered and left cuts and bruises all over his head and neck. He glared at me and grabbed me by the braid. He threw me to the ground and kicked my stomach. “Get up. Wipe your face off, and be down stairs in 5 minutes or God so help I will leave you here to die.” He slammed the door, leaving me to cry alone.

Memory 2
“Hey, dude what’s wrong?” Steve asked as he sat on my bed.
“Don’t go Steve. Please.” I said with tears streaming down my face.
“Hey now, I’m just going to be gone for a week. You won’t even notice I’m gone.” He put an arm around me and wiped my tears.
“But what if something happens, like the bus crashes or there is a forest fire?” I curled up into a ball and cradled a pillow in my arms.
“Don’t think that way, kay?” He consoled.
“You’ll die if you go! Don’t go pretty, pretty please? Bears might eat you!” I begged him with my eyes to stay.
“Sheesh, don’t be such a baby. It’s just camping. Nothing will happen.” Obviously seeing I didn’t like that answer he said, “Love ya sis. Here,” he said shaking off his necklace, “take this, every time you look at it, it will remind you of me. See, you will always have a part of me with you. And you’ll know I’m ok.”
“You promise?” I asked, still teary. “Even better, I pinky swear!” he stuck out his hand and intertwined his pinky with mine. “Wanna help me pack?” he asked, smiling down at me. “Kay, but first you have give me a piggy back ride!” I said jumping off the bed and holding out my arms. “Good deal.” He said and helped me on to his back. “Gosh, you weigh a ton sis.” He teased, and ran towards his room. We laughed as hard as we could, until dad yelled up stairs for us to shut up. This only made us laugh harder. “I love you big brother.” I said as I hugged him.

When Ava awoke, she laid in the middle of desolate street, with a butcher knife at her side. “Where am I?” she asked and looked franticly around for another living soul. She grabbed the knife, shoved it in the belt loop of her jeans, and stood up dizzily. She found a town map that read, “Welcome to Silent Hill”.

een jaar geleden MusicLover0137 said…
That's great! Your's goes into more details at some points than mine, and it is very well connected to the established Silent Hill character type. I can't wait to read more!
een jaar geleden Vampisar said…
Thanks, like yours better though xD. Im just going to post up a few antagonist and monsters you know the norm. then I will be ready to write, Im probably going to make my characters more detail organized so it might be a few days... I think I forgot eye color on my character anyways its green in the middle of the iris and violet surronding the green (not outside of the iris though)
een jaar geleden MusicLover0137 said…
Thanks! And that eye color sounds pretty cool. I'll be sure to keep an eye on this topic. As I write more, I'll post more links here for you if you want :)
een jaar geleden Vampisar said…
Personality 1 of Mora Glen: Trina (antagonist)
Appearance: Shoulder length untamed curly copper hair (worn in a updo), ivy green eyes (irises are slanted so her eyes are similar to those of a cat), sickly pale skin, wears a grey long-sleeved floor sweeping church dress, greatly resembles a young Avalon’s mother, has medical wraps covering the Halo of the Sun icon burned onto her right hand
Age: late twenties
Personality: Distant, extremely religious, cold, cruel (when situation calls for it), deceiving, hard to read, willing to do anything to please The Order officials and their “god”
Disorders: MPD
Membership in the Order: Daughters Circle
Sect in the Order: Sect of the Holy Woman
Creator notes: Trina means Pure or light; this personality is mainly seen in the fog world and only makes a few appearances in the otherworld

een jaar geleden Vampisar said…
Personality 2 of Mora Glen:
Name: Unknown but is called Persephone by the Order
Looks: Her copper hair is let loose and appears healthier and brighter, wears a black Lolita Victorian bridal Corset Top, a matching long tiered black velvet skirt, and black Victorian boots, her eyes once bare have dark circles under them, her skin tone is clearer and cleaner
Personality: Sarcastic, rude, and maleficent, playful, convoluted, opinionated, subtle in appearance, sly
Age: acts like she’s 10 but real age is unknown
Author notes: Persephone is the Greek goddess of the underworld and is known for cruelty and lust, suggesting she is flirtatious and misleading
een jaar geleden MikaGalvin said…
Hey Vampisar! I was wondering if it would be okay if I did one of two boys (brothers) and if you could send me the little form thing that be awesome. I just love creating characters, and such.
Thank you :]
een jaar geleden MikaGalvin said…
Sorry I went totally crazy with it but here's my one for Mika
een jaar geleden MikaGalvin said…
Name: Mika Lee Galvin

Nicknames: Mimi, Mika Lee, Mik

Nationality: Caucasian

Appearance: 5ft 4in, 96.5 pounds, Long, naturally black, choppy hair. Wears a long sleeve black and white stripe shirt, under a light gray see through top, and a furry black vest, and a pearl necklace Eileen Galvin(Eileen is her older half-sister), gave her for her 5th birthday, but didn’t let her wear till she was 12. Light blue ripped jeans, she has a tattoo of a Robbie the rabbit that shows through the hole on her right knee of her jeans, she got the tattoo this year for her birthday because it was her favorite doll as a child, which she later gave the doll to Eileen as a thanks for taking her to get the tattoo (That’s why you see it in Eileen’s room in the game =p) She has black croshay uggs (at least she’ll be comfy while she’s running for her life)

Eyes: Light gray eyes, with a golden yellow ring surrounding the iris

Build: Thin

Occupation: Student, works at a local roller rink restaurant as a waitress, and teaches the young kids that come how to roller-skate

Age: 17

Birth day: December 25, 1992

Weapon: her father’s PR 24 baton (her dad’s a prison guard), and his handgun

Phobias: xenophobia: fear of strangers, and nachtphobia: fear of the dark, slight Hominophobia: fear of men due to event in childhood, Somniphobia: a dread of sleep due to the same reason as hominophobia

Psychological disorders: slight avoidant personality disorder, and Emotional dysregulation, both seeming going away when she turned sixteen

Story: Growing up in Mika’s home a kid was basically like the prison her father worked at. Her mother and her father split up when Mika was only 25 months old, and her father got custody of her and took her away from her mother, and her older sister Eileen. Her father treated her like the criminals at the prison, keeping her locked up in her room almost 24/7, caring her in the most minimum ways like three meals a day, clothes, roof over her head and a bed to sleep in, and striking her for any little mistake.

On her 5th birthday Eileen came over to her house and surprising both Mika and Eileen her father allowed her to see Mika. Eileen gave her a pearl necklace that her mother, their mother, had given to her and told Mika it was for her but she didn’t want her to wear it till she was responsible enough to really appreciate it, and not break it. From then on Mika was allowed out if she was going out with Eileen, but only if it was Eileen.

Mika’s banned Mika from going out with Eileen the day she brought her with her to the mall where Eileen’s friends were hanging out. Mika was 8 at the time and was still very good with new people. While they were there Mika wanted something to eat, but Eileen being to busy with friends told her to go a get it herself seeing as it was just a couple feet away. Reluctantly, Mika went to the Happy Burger( ; p ) stand and ordered something to eat. While she was waiting for her food a man approached her asking where her parent’s were, she shook her head and pointed to Eileen saying she was with her older sister. The man nodded and grabbed her food from the counter.

“How about you come with me then”

After the events of that day Mika went to the extreme of locking her self in her room herself, ignoring her sister, calls from her mother, even the little attention her father gave her. Feeling bad, and trying to get her back out in the world, her sister finally got her father to agree to take Mika to counseling where she just continued to seclude herself from everyone else. After about 5 years of going it seemed as if Mika couldn’t even remember what had happened that day and she began to come back out of her shell. The counselor said that repressing it wasn’t going to help anything but as long as she was happy her father didn’t seem to care. He took her out of counseling and allowed her hang out with Eileen again as long as Eileen promised not to say anything about that day. Eileen didn’t want to let it go but seeing as she had no choice she agreed.

On her 13th birthday her father threw her a party which was basically only her family, her father’s friends, her sister and her mother, seeing as she pushed everyone else away. It was a surprising a very pleasant day despite her father, and mother being together for a whole day. It was all fine until a man appeared at the party, Mika was out front when he got there and because of her still strong Hominophobia she went to go into the backyard but was stopped before she could reach the gate.

“Still unattended I see.”

A year later Mika was sitting on the same couch in the same office. She didn’t even bother to open her mouth this time around and wait until they gave up. Before they let her leave this time she was given medicine to help her sleep as she now fears going to sleep because she has extremely violent and vivid night terrors, sometimes she even seriously hurts herself in her sleep. And treatments for her Emotional dysregulation, and slight avoidant personality disorder.

After two years of treatment she had seemingly gotten better and had even become an extrovert. Loving to work with other people and the children at her job that Eileen had gotten her. That was also the year Eileen took her to get her tattoo of Robbie, the stuffed animal she had clung to during the rough times of her childhood, the toy that seemed to have help her overcome it.

Everything was good from then on, the only thing bugging her was a odd nagging in the back of her mind which she managed to repress as well.


“Okay kids lets all get our skates and head out for the day alright” Mika called out to the children sitting in a circle around her. “And if you barrowed some from here please bring them back to the shop, and don’t forget to put them back in the right place. Ah shit.” she huffed once she noticed the children had run away already. I swear it’s like I’m talking to a bunch of rocks! Mika was knocked out of her thoughts when she skated into someone.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

“Oh don’t apologize to her. Maybe my little sister should be looking ahead instead of down at her feet.” Mika looked up in time to be flicked in the head by Eileen, her new friend Henry standing nervously next to her.

Eileen had healed very well since her whole ordeal a couple of months ago (this is based on the good ending of Silent Hill 4 happening so don’t like shank me for it if you don‘t think it‘s the true ending it‘s just a fanfic) when she had apparently been attacked by some madman, and the shaky little invert next to her had saved her. Mika shook her head.

“What do you want Eileen?” She rolled her eyes taking off her skates, and pulling her uggs on.

“It’s about your dad actually.” Eileen’s tone had become more serious, Henry seemed to sudden become more on edge.

“What’s wrong with him?” Mika questioned as she pulled the pony-tie out of her hair.

“He’s gone.”


“Gone, like disappeared, like nobody can find him, like…”

“Alright I get it!” Mika crushed the soda can she was picking up from the table. Eileen jumped and got quiet not wanting to trigger one of her sister’s out-of-body experiences. “What am I supposed to do? Huh? If nobody knows where he is how would I know?”

“Well, it’s just that… I got this in the mail, it‘s from him to you,” Eileen handed a envelope to Mika. After scanning over the letter Mika looked up at the two.

“Will you guys come with me?” Eileen nodded at her sister happily, Henry seemed to go two shades lighter then his normal tan.

“Ok then,” Mika jumped next to them and grabbed their hands, she had gotten close to Henry in the past few month as he was visiting Eileen as much as Mika, she even gone as far as to have a slight crush on him and being silly enough to tell her sister Eileen told Henry making things a lot more difficult then they already were between the invert and the xenophobe/hominophobe, but Mika pushed it aside as she rarely got close to people and didn’t want to lose the friendship.

“Let’s go, but one thing”


“Where the hell is Silent Hill?”
een jaar geleden Vampisar said…
Great! No worries, no shanking will be done XD I love it! much more detailed than mine xD
een jaar geleden pona12 said…
Name:Wyelitte Wedgister
home town:Pleasnt Vista
apperance:Atletic,Bulky,Medium Brown Hair,Grey Eyes, 220 ibs
personality:On the outside a pleasntly mannered young athletic gentleman,on the inside and around friends a depressed friendly outcast who listens to hole constantly and a deep seated hate for the city across the lake,Silent Hill and his emotional instabillity.
"I wonder what it is like in that hell hole silent hill?" says Julius
"I dont know but i am really concerned about the scary sounds from the bush."Says Wyelitte
"Stop Freaking out." Says Julius
'from near nowhere a siren comes on and a lurker comes from nowhere and snatches Julius'
"HELP!!!"Says Julius who is being dragged into the school."
'as the otherworld creeps in,Wyelitte picks up a wooden sword as another lurker approaches and then he turns around and bashes his head right off' he thinks is this a dream "Flashback"'Rowing sounds,Sirens"DADDY!!!"'wheels rolling"Daddy!!"Sign reading Alchemelia hospital,"HELP!!!"Swat team rolls in"Son your dreaming""But isn't this real?""No just a dream."'wakes up in bed'.
"I have to help,he's my best friend,no not a friend,but basically family."Wanders into the nightmarish school until he hits the nurses office,Goes in,hears a scream"HELP!!!!",Goes to the table to find a nurse,nurse gets up and he bashes her head in.Wyelitte hears the noises from under the table forward,moves table and finds crawl space,follows tracks caused and cries for help."Where am i"Zooms in on sign reading silent hill."AWWW SHIT!!!" runs along tracks until he reaches the historical society,'door opening,cutscene'"What the fuck is this"'painting of him,caption reads"Purity on the outside,anger and sadness on the inside,he sucks it up and has a split personality" "This is me?!?"'flashback"Son!We do not talk like that,do you ever want to get into Harvard?!?Yes mommy.NOT WITH THAT TALK!Dont you EVER talk about that experience they will think you are crazy,that was just a nightmare!!"he takes down the painting and fines a hole,sticks his hand into the hole and finds a key,to the next room,he goes to it and follows the tracks to the prison"Where am i?"he hears a faint scream in the distance.he follows it until he winds up in the gallows, the door locks,he goes up onto the gallow and finds a hole,he gets stabbed from behind with a huge sword.He wakes up in Town center plaza inside a beauty parlor,he goes into the employees center and sees a skinned woman with heavy makup saying "I'm dying for the sin i did not commit,now flee with just this bit of knowledge,he whom is purist mustn't regret a decision made with wisdom,know go to the place where you are always welcomed because surely there you find the answer"Wyelitte ponders it a second and goes home."HELLO!!" "MOM,DAD Where are you?"he hears them in the addict and says hi,the tell him to hide.He goes into the "Bathroom"'Flash back"Hey sissy,whats happening?"NO UNCLE TRE NO!!!!" "Mom dad Rena is a screaming in the bathrom.""Wyelitte go to your room for a second"'opens door."where is the bathroom?"Wyelitte steps in and descends down."RENA?""Hey,you didn't help me right,now you will pay."NO RENA!!!"Wyelitte injurs Rena and rena runs off."Where am i know!?!" he hears a zombie like sound in the distance.he runs twords it until he sees a light at the end."IS WHA NOOO WAYY!!A beautiful paradise in place of central pleasnt vista leading up to central courthouse and park,"Is this the courthouse?"the statue's eyes are glowing.2 gems are in the place of the sockets."Wyelitte climbs and takes the gems and the statue speaks"That who steals purity is the enemy of it,let thee who took the stones only who be pure,if it be he whom is dark in nature,let thee be smited!"flashback'"dad why are we here?""for grown up business.""What kind?""The non child oriented kind.""Where's uncle Tre?"the stones are of different kind,one is of evil nature one is of pure.The dark door and the light door,he places the opposites on each other.the door opens,he walks through courthouse until he sees her again"RENA!!!what was that back there,why did you do that?""because you are a snot nosed brat who deserves to die,but not know,only in the masters place."the dark side of Renas body is revealed,but cloaked as she runs off."Why"as he sobs, he picks him self up and goes to the Point Pleasnt he is in the lobby he stairs because there is a fence in here blocking areas off,only parts of the lobby,reception,the forsken bar and the ball room are avalible.He cannot get to the east or west towers.he gets a gem from each room.One is old,one is blue,one is new."Do these go to something."all of a sudden he hears a drop and runs to reception.he sees a statue of a bloody bride revealed.he wraps the blue pearl necklace around the neck,the old rhinestone on the forehead and the new blouse on the body as the otherworld is revealed."Not again"He runs through the east and west towers until the switches in each tower reveals the basement.he runs down the stairs and is greeted by a painting,what is this?it is much to big to be a door,or is it?he cuts through the painting of adam and god and it reveals a way of tunnels until he reaches a ladder,he is back into a room in the basement."Rena,its you,why are you doing this?""For god,i am not even doing the slaughtering though,he is."Pyramid comes out with a sword,like the one in his,well what was that?then after he kills pyramid head he goes through a flashback,no he doesnt see it,he experienced it."where am i"Weaponless he wanders through alchemellia hospital then he jumps into a hole.he awakes once again,this time in silent hill,restless he wonders to paleville then to old silent hill,there he meets allessa's spirit,who guides him to Rena."this has gone too far Rena,we end it here!"Rena splits in to 3,Dahlia,Claudia and Rena.Wyelitte kills all 3,the puss ridden Dahlia,the blood ridden Claudia and the Crystal clear Rena,Then when there souls are truely joined,a super being is formed,"Is this their god?wow i didn't know about this."he fights and runs out of town,weeping about the loss of his beloved Rena,his only sister,neigh sibling,he considers suicide,but then quits and walks home,for there peace surely be waiting."No wait,wheres Julius?"He weeps until a figure forms from the endless fog."Julius is that you?!?""the one and only!"a reunion between very close friends has occurred.there they walk into emptyness,back home.Sharing both their plight.
een jaar geleden TwistedStory12 said…
I tend to create monsters more than characters. I came up with this idea named " Innocence", which is a fetus-like membrane with stitches going throughout it, and connects to four appendages of rotting meat that end in metal spikes. Connecting the membrane to the rotting meat is rusted, bloody barbed wire that scrapes together. When you confront this creature it makes a collaboration of children playing at a playground, laughing and screaming. It stands around eight foot tall, and writhes in pain when walking around. It symbolizes the innocence Alessa lost when she was subjected to what her mother did and the idea that she couldn't act like a child.
een jaar geleden Vampisar said…
Thats so awesome TwistedStory12! I never had the gift for creating monsters. Great idea!
een jaar geleden pona12 said…
my monster is childs play
its 2 girls connected by a jumproap that is their intestines and their bodies are inside out.
symbolizes the hatred alissa felt twords her peers
een jaar geleden Vampisar said…
Oh that would be so freaky cool! Golden idea, dare I say platinum. Keep going, I loved your character profile.
een jaar geleden pona12 said…
this one is kinda satricle but
Courtney Love
Is a big and scary monster that kills people by latching onto them and sucking the life out of them.She looks like a bloddy courtney,but kinda prettier.
een jaar geleden pona12 said…
No heres one
half claudia sewn with half of dahlia.Seaps blood as it walks and uses its claws to rip into you.
Represenative of the hate of both of them from alissa.
een jaar geleden pona12 said…
heres the link to the terryfying monster
een jaar geleden pona12 said…
Ok so if i can this is a game idea
Silent Hill Nightmares
Takes place 2010 for 3 months
Takes place in:Pleasnt Vista,Ashfield,Silent Hill
William Handrey Wakes up in his room to the sounds of his parents laughing and making breakfast,he gets up and when he gets to the door he gets an extremely eerie feeling,And hears blood in the wall rushing around,he opens the door to his dismay to find that his parents whom he heard seconds before are gone and that his best friend seigfried Morris is dead with the numbers 1 1 21 etched in his chest and his heart is missing.When he looks outside even though it is 8:00 am it is dark outside,he looks around outside and sees that the grass is red.Then he goes into the garage to see a scary 15 year old Teen disect a heart as the walls turn red and rusty.He then realizes that the door back to the house is locked and he has to go to the back yard where he finds the key in a green jacket with a note that says "i cant take the guilt,im out."He reenters the house to discover the house is like the garage.As he makes his way throught the house he sees Someone who seems vaugly familliar.Its the grocher who cussed out my mom.Straped to a gurney in the living room.As the teen comes back in i hide behind the dresser he disects him and removes his heart in a ceremoney.After he leaves William finds a note that says "must save and purify mom and dad"its ellegible and then he finds "fields of ash fly in the hill so silent.To the south we go."he then wakes up in his room to find the radio report that a walter sullivan copycat is on the loose again and that they found the disemhearted bodies of 10.When he walks out the door he finds himself outside of a mausoleum that is his portal back to his room to save.he then wanders around until we see a framilliar face from a previous title in the series.He finds a key that has a note ettached that says Eil--- Gal--n smudged.He then enters a mausoleum and descends 20 flights of stairs until he gets to the bottom and goes through a door abd we see the framilliar face,eileen galvin.She has aged 16 years and is now 36.She introduces herself.She has clearly had a child,but still has a nice figure.She talks about her mystery child with her husband henry who she says the news has said that we have been missing for days.She then reveals that the teen murderer is actually her son from walter somehow impregnating her.And that he loves both herself and henry so much that when a cultist told him that unless he does the 21 sacraments that eileen and henry will die so then they split to find him.She then gives him the keys to the mausoleum and a cutscene apears to where she tells him that its not the real world being invaded but rather an alternate dimension created by her son.William then awakes again in his bedroom to a amethyst necklace falling on his lap.He then exits the room to be found in a framilliar place, the ashfield apartents,clearly aged and dilapitated,floors caving in.He then walks into room 302 to find the killing machine is in there and there is a case of stairs leading to it,he then finds the corpse of walter sullivan with a note that says "darn now back to phase one"william then ascends back up and goes into room 303 which is a serene area with trees and a hill and he finds eileen and henry talking in a bench as eileen introduces william to henry,henry who is now 42 tells william unless he stops it that he will probably be the 21st and that someone close to him will be the 20th.William exits the room to get to the lobby to fight the first boss.Its a giant bloody walter sullivan,who colapses after a long battle.Then he finds the teen in the room 302 and he just commited suicide.William wakes up to the news cast that in one month 11 are dead but it is gone since the murder is dead,but william is still stuck,he then find the door is now unopenable and there is a key slot on the door.He finds a crawl space to where he finds he is in another alt reallity but this time he finds his sister amy who is walking around the wish house and goes inside,which then he finds a hole inside that he jumps in and finds himself in the water prison world.he then follows a now clearly possessed amy walking up the stairs and then she walks into the roof room and goes into the room and drops down into the basement and walks right in the wall and wakes up and yells where am i.William explains to amy that she is in an alternate reallity created by a serial killer,amy then follows william and then they run into eileen.Then eileen gives them the keys to the torcher room.they then find a skin wall and both faint.Then he wakes to find amy isnt there he then takes the crawl space to a new world.He then finds amy and they walk along the street until they get to a hole,they crawl into the hole and are in the middle of what should be a busy street in the center of downtown with all of the towers.They then notice that they are at King And Fisher Street,They live on fisher,but they are closed in by a fence.and to their dismay the hole has dissapeared.They are forced to enter the Canton-Switz Tower and they go through 4 towers until they get to the tallest named,The Silent Hill View Tower,which is allready submerged in rust and blood.They navigate through the whole tower,they then make it to the lobby which has the 2nd boss,A giant piece of flesh that moves around and drains your health when it spits blood on you.They beat it and go through the front door,and to which they find that they are now in another otherworld,The first room is framilliar it is eileens hospital room.2 be continued.
een jaar geleden pona12 said…
Then from eileens hospital room they findd the keys of endearment and then they go to the door.they arive at a large staircase and then what they see in the next room shocks them,a line of bodies,3 of them,WAIT!!!the one with 15 etched in is still alive,he said that he's coming."who!".Deen Galvin!we run through the door to find a new boss,Shadow Deen.Deen will swipe his hands and follow you so all you have to do is run.And in the next room you are in room 302's bathroom's hole,which is slightly dug out.The keys of Mortallity are in them and you go into the next room.There is the death machine again but another stair case has arised.They descend it all the way to another world,basement world.It says "canton-switz boiler room"and out of a puddle of blood goes the boss blood ghost.It doesnt physically harm you but it will drain your health.Then they get to a long hall and at the end is another key, the key of agony, and when you go through the door they both are in the bedroom and use the keys and they realize that they are in a room with the 16th victim and then she follows her,Ynevette Yustobon.They then walk through abyss and the 16th disappear.they then meet the 17th,Hammy Rosenburg.They go through a fire and he disappears.then the 18th,Rhett Nodien,He dissapears mysteriously.The 19th,Rayonna Dee dissapears after they fall and he dissapears.they are then led into a room where he presses a button and the corpses fall,and to unlock the door you have to etch by the face and Name.Then you see that amy dissapears.You go into the next room to find that amy is about to fall into a ditch of knifes sticking up,you have to find a switch to reract the knifes.Then if you dont she will die,the 20th sacrament,if you do then she survives,but is injured.As the hole closes Deen comes in with a knife and you have to find away to kill him,at some point in the game you got the sacred amythyst necklace,when you wear it he becomes vulnerable to the attacks and you are able to kill him.If amy is alive and you were kind to her you will walk off and a screen will say that amy and william lived forever happily.if amy didnt survive and you were nice to her you will collapse and you will yell out her name,If amy survived but you werend nice,amy will seemingly be happy,but the screen at the end will say that the sibilings never talked much after that.If amy died and you werent nice to her you will collapse to the ground in pain and pass away completing the 21 sacraments.At the end of the game In the 3 non 21 sacraments endings Eileen will be sitting and depending on the ending if amy was alive eileen will sigh in relief as henry walks in and hugs her and if amy died then she will feel sad and henry will comfort her.If you got the 21 sacraments she will look into blank space and subtly say "walter"
The news cast will say"many were found at the rosario warehouse in Pleasnt Vista.All with numbers etched in simmilarity with the sullivan and the copycat cases.Now 16 years later iit happened."and if amy died"a notable body found is of that of a local magazine artist Amy Handrey."and if William is found dead it will say"and her brother William Handrey"
een jaar geleden pona12 said…
if you want more then comment
een jaar geleden pona12 said…
oh and the 2 joke endings
21 sacraments - funny
On your second playthrough in the tower world the boss will leave the beekeepers stone.To get this ending amy musnt survive but you need to be nice to her,then you wont collapse but you will lose ballance and the pit of knifes is now open and and you fall down.Eileen is seen as singing do you like french toast.

UFO Ending
Amy must survive and you must be nice to her
Get the beekepers stone
Then as they are in the real world again a ufo comes up and abducts them and you find out that they made a baked souffle and you ate and eileen and henry are eating too.
een jaar geleden pona12 said…
My character profiles for each character
William-The 1st Protagonist.He is protective over people.Lives in pleasnt vista and used to live in ashfield during the events after the sullivan case.They moved to avoid crime to pleasnt vista.Looking for answers he goes out through a door into another deminsion.The hellish worlds engulf him.He is slender and has an obsession with courtney love even to have a monster that looks like her.Voiced by Me
Amy-A egotistical enthusiastic woman that belives that the legends about silent hill arent true,is the 2nd protagonist.She is soon proven wrong.Gets warped when left house for her highschool reunion,willams sister.Wears a Medium Legth Red Dress with Deep Red Lipstick and her hair perfect blonde hair is up.Slightly Chubby.Voiced By Courtney Love
Deen-A serial killer who is trying to save his mom and dad henry and eileen when he was told by a cult member was going to die.Voiced by Francis bean who uses her deep voice.
Eileen and Henry-One of the most helping people in the game they proceeds to enter the otherworlds.Now aged henry is 41 and eileen is 35.She is still pretty.Voiced by IDK
een jaar geleden Skull-Rose said…
Name: Saki Hashimara
Home Town: Hawaii,wahiwa
Apearence:red hair with black high lights,black skinny jeans,white tank top,leather jacket,father's army necklace,black and red hightops,couple ear piercings on each ear,grey eyes,hand gun and a knife
Personality: Determined,can be fun from time to time,scared of dieing,will kill anyting that will kill her and tough tomboy
Story: She was raised a orphan until she was ten and the orphanage burned down and she was the only survivor.She then moved to a town next to silent hill.She graduated high school and became a under cover police instead of going to college.She had to investigate the town silent hill and find out about the disapearing of locals.

Well thats it!:3
een jaar geleden AlphaAndOmega said…
Name: Calvin Guthrie

Age: 21

Hometown: Brahms 

Appearance: 5 foot 9 inches, cop uniform, leather jacket

Personality: Brave, determined, strong, athletic, fast runner, smart

Story: went along with another officer named Frank Johnson in a police car for a drive looking for an on the run criminal. The police radio started acting up. Frank was driving and was trying to fix the radio. He was distracted from driving and swerved off the road. They both woke up in Silent hill. Calvin had a traumatising past when in the midst of a gunfight accidentally shot a child who got caught in the crossfire. 
een jaar geleden adamk said…
Name:Cal Miller
Appearance:6ft 2in, black hair,glasses,wears a black trenchcoat with a white shirt underneath. Also wears jeans and sneakers.
Story:Passing through Silent Hill apparently on vacation with his girlfriend. Soon they hear sirens and the otherworld comes, he is knocked out when he hits the breaks to avoid what looks like a person. When he wakes up, his girlfriend is missing, and he is in a totally different part of town with no recollection of what's happened. He soon discovers he is linked to an event that happened in town 15 years ago.
een jaar geleden AlphaAndOmega said…
Name: Calvin Guthrie
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: 6 foot tall, White, blonde hair, mullet hair style, wears police officer uniform
Attitude: Determinded
Fears: Past. Parents died
Strengths: Weapons
Weaknesses: Gets too attached to people
Reason for being in silent hill: Went to look for Cybil Bennett
een jaar geleden dollarfordonut said…
Name:Elliot Salem
Eye Color: Blue
Hair: Daryl Dixon Hair cut
Beard: Five-O'clock Shadow
Hair Color: Black
Hometown: Shepard's Glen
Appearance: Hiking boots, camo jeans, Hoodie with Sleeves rolled, finger- less gloves, black tribal and crucifix tattoos on his right arm
Weapons: Combat knife, Duel M1911 pistols, sawed-off pump-action shotgun, M4A1 assault rifle with fore grip, MK14 sniper rifle
Reason for being in Silent Hill: Trying to find his Girlfriend Norah
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een jaar geleden Lt_Ghost21 said…
Name:Rhys Mason (the Grandson of Harry Mason the Son of Heather Mason and father is unknown)
Age: 17
Skin Color: White
Hometown Portland
Appearance: Black hair but dyed it to Blonde, Height 5 ft 3, Athletic Build, Eye Color Hazel,White Sneakers,Baggy Blues Jeans,Black t-shirt,Leather black motor bike vest,Black knuckless gloves, Blue Bandana
Personality:carefree sarcastic and funny and strong and brave and respects and loves his mother heather mason,
Story:a few years after heather's escape from silent hill she was pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby boy naming him Rhys Mason. after heather left the hospital she keeps Rhys until his 3rd birthday then after that she puts him up for adoption because she fears that the order will come after him so a family Adopts Rhys and Cared for him. 14 years later Rhys is 17 years old now all grown up and one day he received a letter saying we have kidnapped your birth mother if you want to see her again come to silent hill alone and so Rhys went back inside his house and asked his adopted mother who is my birth mother and she said i don't know how to tell you this but when you where 3 years old your mother gave you up for adoption because she wanted to protect you from bad people and Rhys said but didn't she love me and his adopted mother said no she always loved you may not have known it but she did and always have that why she bought you something for your birthday and was kept in our garage Rhys said what is it come with me and i'll show you and so Rhys Followed and his Birth mother heather bought him a Harley motorbike and he grabbed the keys and set off to silent hill to rescue his birth mother heather and when he got there he left his bike at the draw bridge and started to walk into the horrific town of silent hill. few minutes later Rhys has arrived at silent hill and little he knows its about to become a new nightmare for him and so Rhys wonders around looking for heather his mother and all of a sudden he hears a siren and passes out and wakes up in the police station with a male police officer named Brian. Brian says who are you and what you are doing in town Rhys says my name is Rhys Mason i'm looking for my mother Heather have you seen her and Brian says i haven't and by the way is the your bike at the draw bridge Rhys says yes... yes it is i got the keys on me. what happened to the people in this town Brian says i have no clue there's no trace of them anywhere cars are all crashed in to each one and some off the roads are gone and Rhys said then i have to find my mother and quick Brain said well if your going to do that your gonna need these weapons so Brian gave Rhys a handgun and a shotgun with the ammo for both guns and Rhys says thanks Brian says go on get outta here and find your mother so Rhys leaves the police station and sets his sights on to find his mother and he finds a note on the police car saying go to the Rhys went to the Alchemilla Hospital on the way Rhys was attacked by a monkey human thing so Rhys killed it without hesitating and said nothing is going to stop me from finding my mother so he continued his way to the hospital and when he got there he saw how old it looked but it was stable enough for him to have a good look around so Rhys entered the hospital and looked around he found a vial with some weird liquid the he has no idea what it is but he kept he because it might come in handy later on in his journey so Rhys keeps on looking and he found a video and then heard that same siren again and passes out again and wakes up again but this time he's in the alternate hospital where more horrific creatures lurk and Rhys found a flashlight next to him on the ground so he picks it up and turns it on and a creature jump at's him Rhys quickly shoot its and runs away and found a way out but he needs a key so he ran downstairs and found the key to get out so he returns to the door and gets out of the hospital out on the streets of alternate silent hill then out of the blue a big butterfly creature come out of the blue so Rhys shot it a bunch of time with the shotgun and the creature dies and silent hill returns to normal for now and on the ground is another note saying go to Silent hill town center there you will find a key and some ammo for your guns the key will take you to an antique shop next door to the silent hill town center so Rhys quickly got to the town hall got inside and grabbed the key and the ammo and made his way to the antique shop next door he put the key in the hole and unlocked the door and entered the antique shop and felt a breeze coming from behind the grandfather clock so he moved it and found a hole that leads into another room and then Brian entered saying what are you doing in here and Rhys said i told you i'm looking for my mother then Brian said that's not what i mean't i mean what are you doing in this antique shop then Rhys said well this note said i'm meant to come here and then i moved this grandfather clock and found this hole that leads to another room.then after a few minutes of explaining to Brian why Rhys is doing in the antique shop. so there you have it Brian that why i am here and Brian said okay good luck with that i'm going goodbye Rhys said okay goodbye and then Rhys Continued his Journey and went through the hole to the next room and what he found was an altar and markings of a demonic cult writing called the order and so Rhys heard that siren once again and passes and wakes up on a bed in some strange house and then Rhys quickly got up and found himself in the house where the kidnappers hid his mother so then Rhys got his gun out and waited then the siren again changed the house in the otherworld house killing all the kidnappers except for heather leaving her alive and then Rhys rushed in saw the last thing he had to kill to escape the otherworld and silent hill this creature is an evil dark powerful Lisa garland and so Rhys Shot her dead until both shotgun and handgun where out of ammo and then Rhys grabbed his mother out her around his back and ran towards his bike got on and started it up and drives off back to His house and when he got back there everything is back to normal. few days later Rhys and Heather was having a family talk about why he never saw her after she put him up for adoption and she explained why and he took it well and he decide to move back with his Birth Mother Heather Mason. few months later Rhys comes home from school and walks inside and hugs his mother because he loves her and he knows all about her life and his grandfather life and he was happy he lives with her and never forgot what happened in silent hill and so on Rhys goes back to his normal life his has a girlfriend now and she seems happy to have him and Rhys and his mother never spoke about silent hill again. but he never knows what to Police Officer Brian
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een jaar geleden FearGuns123 said…
big smile
Name: Alexia Bourke
Age: 17
Weapon: A 44. Colt
Occupation: High School Student
Status: Alive
Takes place During: Silent Hill Origins
If she was featured in a movie: Silent Hill Revalation
Allies: Heather Mason And Travis Grady
Enemies: Dr.Kaufman, Lisa Garland And Claudia Wolf
Disorders: post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Bio: having Severe Traumatization after finding her Pregnant sister dead, Alexia is constantly having nightmares about her unborn nephew. One Day She returns home to find everyone dead with blood on the walls with the silent hill symbol, After blacking out she finds she has travelled to silent hill. hell bent on putting her unborn nephew to rest she explores silent hill unknown to the terrors that are lurking in the shadows.

Hope u like it :D comment below if u like it plz