Silent heuvel fan Fic (based on Homecoming)

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Hey guys, Im irting a fanfic tell me what you think and what to include in the next 1! (will post on fan

Introduction to character 1 Veronica Bartlett (daughter of Mayor Sam Bartlett)
Name: Veronica Bartlett
Age: 22
Home Town: Shepherds Glen
Appearance: Brunette hair, pale skin, green eyes, medium height, thin, wears a white long-sleeved button-up shirt with the top 4 buttons undone, wears a tight pink skirt that goes above her knees with white high heels (clothes will change)
Personality: Optimist, romantic, scared of her current surroundings, smart, loving towards Alex, unknowing of the towns secrets
(If you haven’t played Silent Hill Homecoming go here link or else you won’t get it, after that then u can read)
Chapter1 Veronicas p.o.v
I walked the streets of Shepherds Glen, the town was now desolate and lonely, and it wasn’t like this before. It used to be full of life and friendly people, and now this. But today I’m extremely happy, because of the rumors. Rumors about Alex. The few remaining people in Shepherds Glen loved to gossip, about what I could never figure out, this time it’s about Alex returning from the army. I’ve missed him so much. Alex and I have been best friends since pre-k, when he saved me from several bullies trying to steal my animal crackers and pull my hair. I was a little mad when he left for the army without saying something to me first, but then he sent me that first letter. Veronica, I’m sorry. I know you must hate me for running off like that. I just couldn’t take the town any longer. I had to go. I miss you and Elle and Josh so much, will you tell them I said hey? I understand if they are angry. I’m angry at myself for leaving. I promise I’ll write soon. Gotta go, talk to you later.
With love,
How could I be mad at him, I know how he feels. I should’ve left when I could. I wanted to write back, but what would I have told him? Hey, the towns horrible, Josh is missing and so are about 50 other children, and I never see the sun anymore, too much fog. I couldn’t bring him down like that. Not when he’s seeing people die and bombs go off every day. It’s summertime, though you couldn’t tell. Alex’s favorite time of year is summer. We used to have so much fun going down to the lake and camping out on the shores. By us, I mean Alex, Elle, and I. Elle is a short tempered blond with a flat stomach and muscular legs; we used to run track together in High School, while Alex played football on the field centered in the track field. Elle and I have been friends since first grade, when we cheered together of the cheerleading team. Now I hardly see her, her mom is the mayor of Shepherds Glen so she has Elle go out and post missing posters and talk to the town folk about missing people. It seems like everyone is going missing now days. Especially the children that made this town so charismatic like Josh. He seemed like a brat when I first met him, but after I spent some time with him I grew to love him. Alex explained to me why he was so mean; he hated people to come into his life and take Alex away from him. He did the same thing to Elle. Once when we went over to Alex’s house, Josh told Elle she was ugly he said ‘I don’t know why you even bother, you’re stupid and hideous. Vicky is much cuter and is a straight a student.’ Vicky was his name for me; he said he didn’t like Veronica. No matter what Josh said I never got mad at him. I understood that he was clingy towards his brother; I couldn’t hold it against him. I sat him down and explained that Alex and I, despite what I might like, were just friends. After that he didn’t mind me too much, actually he didn’t even notice me. Everyone in Shepherds Glen loved Alex’s family, get it Shepherds Glen. His great grandfather founded the town alongside many others like Judge Holloway’s family and mine. It’s weird how the towns’ founding fathers great, great, great grandson and granddaughters are best friends Elle, Alex, Scarlet, and me. I wouldn’t say that Scarlet and I were friends, mostly because she was murdered by dismemberment and rape. The culprit is still missing. Elle’s little sister, Nora, had died, Alex’s little brother was missing, Dr.Finch’s daughter Scarlet was dead, and my little brother is dead. I recognize a pattern; maybe Shepherds glen has a serial killer. Only killing the second-born in the family with the towns’ current state, I wouldn’t doubt it. So many missing children, so little willingness to find them. I finally reached Adam and Lillian, the father and mother of Alex and Josh, Shepherds home. I knocked on the door and silently waited. When no one answered, I opened the door, it wasn’t locked. They had always said that I was welcome in their home anyway. “Hello, is anyone here? Mrs. Shepherd, Mr. Shepherd?” I walked into the family den, and saw Lillian sitting in her rocking chair, facing the window. “Veronica?” She asked “Yes, Mrs. Shepherd?” “I just wanted to hear another person’s voice. Adam is out looking for Josh. He’s been gone for 3 days now.” She said meekly. She looks sick, and depressed. Her skin had turned several shades paler, her hair had strands of grey, and there are dark circles under her eyes. Her once beautiful brown hair was now murky and hints of bright grey were seen in the bun she kept it in. Her clothes were dirty and smelled of mud. “Mrs. Shepherd, with all due respect, are you ok?” I asked her “Yes, dear I’m fine; I just miss Josh so much.” She replied with a distant voice. “Alex is coming home Mrs. Shepherd.” I told her to lighten the mood. “That’s nice. You should go to the towns’ gates and wait. Also could you take this to Judge Holloway for me?” She held out a sealed envelope. “It’s my tax payment.” I took the envelope from her shaking hands. “Of course I’ll take it to her Mrs. Shepherd. I will send Alex this way when I see him, bye.” I hugged her; she looked like she needed it. “I appreciate it Veronica, you’re a sweet girl.” I thanked her and left the house. I immediately regretted it, Judge Holloway wasn’t a fan of me; she thought of me as a threat to her daughter’s future, and that ever since we met I’ve gotten her into nothing but trouble. I decided to go to the gate first; I wanted to see Alex desperately now, the 4 years he has been gone have been too long. I walked the lonely side walk and thought about how it used to be; people driving down the streets, kids laughing and playing on the sidewalk and shops filled with happy people getting haircuts, buying groceries, and going to Dr.Finch’s office for medical advice. Now the only life you see is people locked indoors and the plant roots that scatter the road. I was about to lose the hope of seeing Alex; I had been waiting for an hour now. But then I saw a figure emerge from the thick fog. He had short brown hair and a muscular build (link) (Alex’s face build 4 the real game) “Alex!” I said as I waved eagerly. He ran towards me. When he realized who I was he outstretched his arms and gave me a huge hug. “Veronica, I’ve missed you so much. I’m sorry for running off like that.” He said quietly, still not letting me free from his iron grasp. “I’ve missed you too Alex, its ok I’m not mad Alex I’m just glad your home.” I replied still hanging on to him. “Your freezing,” he handed me his jacket, “what’s happened here? It’s like a ghost town.” “I don’t know Alex, nothings been right since you left,” I said sadly “everyone’s going missing, including your brother. I’m so sorry Alex, I wanted to write you but dad said it would be best not to just in case something happened.” Alex looked at me strangely “That’s why I’m here; I started having these dreams, in which Joshua was in danger. I came back here to check on him, just to make sure he is ok. I see now that I’ve done the right thing coming back.” He said. He let go of me and took my hand “I’m going to the Town Hall to see Judge Holloway. Come with?” he asked. “Sure, I’ve been needing to give her something anyway.” I replied, blushing because he was holding my hand. “Great, how has your dad been?” He seemed concerned; my dad was never the perfect dad and he hit me once out of rage. “He hasn’t hurt you again has he?” A worried expression crossed his face. “My dad has a drinking problem now. And no he doesn’t hurt me anymore, not since Joey died.” I replied solemnly. “Joey died? I’m sorry Veronica.” He said silently. “It’s okay. I miss him, but I’ve moved on. I have to face the fact that I don’t have my little brother anymore.” We were approaching the Town Hall; we raced up to the large double doors like we used to do when we were little. He won, of course; he was always faster than me. “Ha! Beat ya!” He also liked to boast about racing. We laughed like 5 year olds for the first time in 4 years. It was time to get serious though, Josh was missing and I had a payment to deliver. He held the door for me and walked next to me while we found Judge Holloways office. The town hall was a complex structure with several confusing corridors and hundreds of unnamed offices. It seemed like hours before we found the right door. “Here it is.” I pointed to a large wood door with Holloway printed on it. Alex opened the door first and went in, “Judge Holloway?” He asked. “Alex, what a pleasant surprise!” she said. I walked in and all I got was a ‘oh it’s you’. I handed her the envelope and said “Its Mrs. Shepherds payments. She wanted me to bring them to you.” She took the envelope from my hand “Tell her I said thank you.” She replied without sincerity. I went and sat down in an empty chair. “Now Alex, what have you came to see me for?” she asked flirtatiously. Oh grow up you old bitch he’s way to young for you I thought to myself. “I need some info about my little brother.” Alex said. “I can’t tell you anything you don’t already know, Alex, he is missing he went missing a year ago. We given up Alex. I’m sorry.” She shook her head while she said this, “Well how about the town, what’s happened here?” Alex asked; obviously mad “Well Alex, I truly don’t know. This all happened so fast. I think it’s all the missing people, everyone just left town for safety,” she said sharply and with a stern tone “and I have somewhere to be. I’m sure you can find your way out, goodbye Alex and good luck finding what you’re looking for.” She exited the room quickly. Alex came over to where I was sitting and said “She’s hiding something.” “I agree, Alex, she seemed worried about something. Let’s go before she comes back.” I stood up and we found our way to the main auditorium. “Alex, I think you should visit your mother. There’s something off about this whole thing, and she might know something. Plus she wants to see you, and I think it will be good for her. Alex she’s not in great shape, she needs you.” I said silently. “Alright, but what’s wrong with her?” He said a little shaky. “You should see for yourself, come on.” I tugged on his arm and we left the building. “I’ll race ya there!” I said and started running “No fair!” He shouted after me. “We both know you will beat me anyway.” I said. “Yeah, your right, and you’re the one who ran track.” He challenged, he was already running next to me. We reached his house, and he won as to be expected. “The coach would be disgraced.” I said out of breath, he laughed and said “Yea, wipe the sweat off your face and let’s go in.” We got up to the door and he used a key under the mat to get in. “Mom its Alex and Veronica, are you here?” We got no answer but I heard the silent sound of her rocking chair scraping against the wood floor. We walked into the den and Alex went up to his mom “Hey mom, are you ok?” Out of the corner of my eye I saw something sitting in her lap; a revolver. “Uh, Alex, there’s something in her lap.” I whispered to him and pointed. “Alex, it’s been so long. I’ve missed you so much.” His mom said in a feeble tone. “I’ve missed you too mom,” he looked at her lap and grabbed the revolver from her grip, “mom what are you doing with this?” He sounded worried and concerned. “Alex, I miss your brother so much, your father has gone to look for him, now he’s missing. It feels as if this town is slowly fading away. Understand Alex, I can barley take it.” She said in a stressed tone. “No, mom, I can’t understand, this is ridiculous. You need help mom. Don’t worry we’ll find Josh and Dad.” He said angrily. “Alex, promise me you’ll find Joshua. He’s all I have now, your father is hardly around anymore and you won’t stay after we find him.” “I promise, and so does Veronica. Right?” he asked me. “Yes Mrs. Shepherd I promise to help find Josh at all costs.” Alex and I nodded in agreement. “Such a good girl, Veronica, you have always been. I appreciate your willingness to help me find my little Joshua, and I’m sure you won’t mind my Alex accompanying you either.” She stared off into the distance and let out small sobbing sounds. “No, I don’t. Alex and I have been friends for 18 years now, you remember don’t you?” I asked her sweetly. “Yes, I do. I’m so glad he has friends like you and Elle. How is Elle?” Her face turned a little pinker when she spoke of Elle. Elle was her favorite of the two of us, although she would never admit it. She had dreamed of Alex marrying Elle; because her family was well liked and a good influence throughout the town. My father is the mayor and she didn’t even once consider me as a marriageable woman, just a friend. But then again, I do suppose the Judge is more important in Shepherds Glen. It was Judge Holloway’s dream for her daughter to be the Judge after she died. When I was 7 I asked my father if I could be mayor when he died, he said ‘Are you stupid? A woman can’t run a town, that’s why I have Joey.’ He was always so damn proud of Joey, in reality Joey was a stupid little punk who couldn’t count to 100. But still, when he died my father started drinking and digging up graves. Yea you heard me digging up graves; it’s his favorite hobby now days. I told him to stop, and that it was insane but he just rolled his eyes and said ‘Yea? Well what the hell are you gonna do about it Igor?’ Before Joey was born, dad actually loved me. Yes it’s true, that now horrible man was once a caring father whose life was perfectly balanced between running the town and spending time with his adorable daughter; me. Then Joey was born and ruined everything. Joey killed mom. Shortly after his birth, she died in the hospital. But after all this, I still loved him. He was my little brother, how could I not love him? We were blood relatives, we understood each other. No matter what he did, I always stuck up for him. But no one really wanted to mess with the mayors’ son; just the daughter, they thought since Joey was there my dad didn’t care about me anymore. I’m not saying they are wrong. Lillian looked at me “Well? How is she?” she looked at me momentarily. “She’s … fine, I haven’t heard from her in a long time.” I said coldly. “I gonna go upstairs to my old room to see if Josh left something telling us where he’s gone, mom are you gonna be alright?” Alex asked her, concerned. “Yes, be careful. Josh left it a mess before he left, and I just don’t want to remove anything. Just in case he comes back, I do hope he does.” We looked at her doubtfully and left her in her near catatonic state; to look upstairs. The stairs were stained with time and the creaked rather loudly. “Alex, there is something off about this. All of the town’s children have gone missing. Your mother is on the verge of going clinically depressed. Judge Holloway is being a secretive bitch. And the towns practically empty, only a few people remain; I’m scared Alex.” I spoke in a hurried whisper so only he could hear it. “Don’t be, it’s going to be alright. But I do agree something weird is happening. When did this start?” he asked. “Right after you left, first the town was covered in this fog, and then the children started to disappear. We haven’t found a single one either.” I stated after we entered Alex’s and Josh’s old room. The window on the back wall gave a great glimpse into my room in the home next to this house. Both homes were passed down through our families. And our ancestors thought it a good idea to build them side by side for protection. The walls of the room were blue and a bunk-bed was centered beside the left wall. Toys were scattered all over the room, and school books littered a small writing desk, the words Scarlett and Josh were carved neatly into the leg of the desk. “Scarlett and Josh liked each other?” I asked Alex, “No, but Josh was crazy for her, before she… died.” Alex aid as he picked up a clip on flashlight from the bottom bunk of the bed. “I remember this, I gave to Josh when he had nightmares; I told him to turn it on if he got scared.” Alex smiled at the thought of his brother, and then pinned the flashlight to his army jacket; which I gave back to him when we entered the house. “That was nice of you.” I said trying to make small talk. He smiled and walked over to the bookcase in the right wall, being as O.C as I am; I alphabetized the books. All of the sudden the book case sprung out and light was seen pouring out of a hidden room behind the case. Alex stood to the right of the case and pushed it. The little room behind it was like a closet. A little remote poked out of a corner. I bent over and picked it up. “It looks like a garage remote. I don’t know, but it might be useful.” Alex took it out of my hand and put it into his pocket. “Possibly, but I doubt it.” He said. I turned my head in time to hear a crashing sound come from the basement. “Did you hear that?” I asked Alex. “Yea, let’s go see what it is…” he grabbed my hand and pulled me down the stairs. Before we could go down the basement stairs, Lillian looked up from her chair and said “It’s flooded down there. And there is something down there. Be careful, I don’t want you to get hurt.” I picked up a crowbar located next to a power box and slung it upward in a defensive position. I walked down first, much to the dislike of Alex, and was disturbed by the large amount of water flooding the basement floor. I heard something move in the water, and all of the sudden a huge creature popped out of nowhere. It had a slit on his forehead and teeth were scattered in rows inside the slit. Its skin was moldy and rotten. And its legs were bided together with dead skin. I swung the pipe and hit it in the head, then in the stomach. I finished it off with Alex’s army knife. Blood spewed everywhere hitting me in the hair and shirt, my white shirt. “What the hell was that thing?” Alex asked and helped me up; I had fallen with the creature at the last hit. “I don’t know Alex. I need to go home. I got blood all over myself.” Alex walked with me to the fence that separated our yards, and helped me over. “I’ll come over after I’m done, I’ll only be a few minutes.” I said, still a little shaky, and not wanting to be alone. “Okay, call if you need anything. See you later.” He walked away and entered his house. I unlocked my front door and entered the kitchen. I ran upstairs and took a hot shower. I raped a towel around me as I picked out a new outfit, I would need something comfortable if I was to be running around town all day. I settled with a pair of well fitting jean shorts and a small practically see through sleeveless white sweeter dress that was small enough to be shirt and exposed only the bottom of the shorts. I also wore brown cow-girl boots to match the shorts. Who said I couldn’t look good while helping Alex? In fact that’s the only reason I was making a good image of myself; I was going to be with Alex for the next 24 hours. Alex would hopefully notice how good I look, he doesn’t have to say anything; just look. I put on light make-up and headed towards Alex’s house.

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