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posted by sarahsonic1056
sonic: how was he alive!!!

silver: ya i thought i killed him!!!

honey: but u knocked him out, he pretended to be dead so he can plan his volgende move...

knuckles: can't we just find him and beat his ### up.

tails: ya but scourge is always on the verplaats a lot knuckles

later at eggmans base...

decoe: Dr. we found honey

eggman: good job... i will take care of the rest ok

both (decoe and bocoe): ok

decoe and bocoe left the room.

eggman: enjoy your last dag honey cause u will die.

???: i hear ya eggman.

eggman: who zei that

???: well of course its me *walks in light* blaze the cat

eggman: so now your gonna stop...
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posted by Silvaze_4_life
1. Hang around his vrienden (Sky, Elle, Jordan e.t.c)
2. Listens to DragonForce so he like Power rock
3. Likes to get called Fluffeh
4. Likes to be the leader of his clan of the Reseliilence
5. Likes lollipops
6. Likes to wear his Black jacket
7. Likes to take his motorbike for a spin
8. Likes to get gear like his idol Silver (he is a big Silver fan)
9. Likes to play games (even if he is 16 XD)
10 Likes to play his guitar
11. Likes to go to his birth place White acropolis
12. Likes to make new friends
13 Likes to sword fight with his smaragd, emerald sword
14. Likes to RP all the time
15. Likes to poke Shadow to make...
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This is a vid of Shadow and Silver in Gmod
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