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posted by lakotathecat
I stare at the hedgehog that was infront of me. He couldn't stand still, he would look one way then look at me and then look away again.

Lakota: um... why are u here if u don't mind me asking?

Silver: I noticed u when u got out of the car. I came to make myself aquantied with u *looks down and starts to blush*

Lakota: well that's nice.

There was someone yelling. She was yelling silver's name propbably his girlfriend.

Lakota: hallo silver someone is yelling your name and is coming this way *points towards the girl coming this way*

Silver: great here comes Blaze.*turns around to greet her*...
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posted by xfallen_angelx
That Blaze and Silver should so be together if they're not already. They are always hanging out, they are never rude to eachother, they help eachother out, and they look right for eachother. The two of them I think are right for eachother. They live in the future together and are also fighting partners. They both harnas the power of the chaos emeralds. They are both animals. Lol. I really hope SEGA makes them go out because they are the best Sonic couple in my opinion. None of this Silver and Amy of Shadow and Blaze crap. Amy likes Sonic, not Silver. Shadow does not even know Blaze, so people....
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Silver the Hedgehog AMV of his theme song on the video game Sonic the Hedgehog.
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