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posted by peacebaby7
Author’s Note: This is following the episode Roomies.

♦ ♦ ♦

    It was the volgende morning after the long night of tracking down the walrus-spy, Rhonda, and rerouting her krat from the polar beer reserve to the Hoboken Aquarium. While Kowalski tried to track down her krat in hopes of getting his unnamed invention back, Skipper went over to Marlene’s to see how she was holding up.

    “Hey, Marlene. Everything alright?” Skipper asked as he entered her habitat. Marlene was sitting at her small dresser looking into a mirror, which she set on the...
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posted by peacebaby7
Author’s Note: I’ve already done a set of ten skits for just POM in general, but these are, as the titel says, purely Skilene. Most just imply Skilene, but there a few at the end in which Skipper and Marlene are an actual couple. link are the skits for normal POM skits if u wish to read them. Any titel with a Roman numeral volgende to it has a skit note associated with it displayed at the end. I hope u enjoy these skits and I hope I succeed in making u laugh. Peace, out.

11) Sweet Dreams

    On a quiet Saturday afternoon, Skipper had sent his men off for a snowcone reward...
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Boredom+on the internet=Story
Beat THAT Einstein!!!

*10 years before Skipper and marlene met*
Location: Mexico, rural fishing town

A young, teenaged pinguïn named Rotwiler struted onto a public beach. Just about every female animal turned their heads, while he walked over towards the crystal-clear water. A dark figure swam across the water, about half a mile away from the shore. The young pinguïn jumped into the water and swam towards the dark shadow.

The dark figure stopped and Rotwiler smiled.

R: Nice to see u again flippy
F: The pleasure is all mine, Rotwiler
R: Been a while since the aquarium?...
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The huge saw came closer and closer as the conveyer riem slowly moved Skipper and Marlene to their ends. The smile on Skyler face was a mixture of evil and excitement, the twinkle in her eyes made everything but worse. “Why Skyler? Why?” Skipper pleaded. “It’s called unmasking the villain, like in 1956 with Felix Afori… Ring a klok, bell Skipper?” Skipper looked up at her in disappointment; history he really didn’t know didn’t help his frustration for himself. How could he have trusted her? Because she is reliable…trustworthy even. No, she betrayed me, and Marlene. She has a plan,...
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So incredibly sorry, for making u guys wait so long for this chapter!!! I've been insanely busy with my other stories, "I Still Remember" and "Marlene The Little Otter", on door the way, My name on there is Rookie70Penguin!!! Enjoy!

"Sorry, Skipper...But...I thought u said-" "-Sorry? Affirmative." Marlene stared at Skipper, confused door his sudden apology.

Seeing this, Skipper giggled slightly. Realizing how incredibly unbelievable he was being.

He gave her a friendly smile, "It's alright, of course, If u don't want it. I'll just uh-" "-No! no...I um...Well...Thank you. For...
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return revenge of doctor blowhole i have no idea what this has to with skilene but enjoy (:
penguins of madagascar
dr blowhole
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