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18 months ago
Blake was in the locker room reserved for the Junior Operatives (Operatives in training) he wiped the sweat from his forehead with a towel and tossed it back into his locker. A couple of his training rivals passed and he gave an intimidating look before they approached him, he kept looking at them until they left. He then returned to his locker. He then heard meer footsteps coming from where his rivals went. He turned his head to see Tipstaff and two Cleavers.
Blake: oh god. Now what?
Tipstaff: The Grand Mage and Detective Pleasant wish to speak with you
Blake folded his arms, leaned against his locker and smiled
Blake: and if I say no?
Tipstaff: u wouldn't
Blake: I'm just kidding, let's go
Blake closed his locker

Present day

Valkyrie: let's see it then
Fletcher then passed the file in his hand over to her. She looked at it. Mass disappearances and sightings of a strange creature. She looked at the foto's and descriptions. Faceless, tall and in a suit?
Valkyrie: the Faceless One's. Are they back?
Skulduggery: if it was then we probably be all dead
Valkyrie: then what. It's lying in wait for the others?
Tanith: that's one theory...
Bane: but I think it's Slenderman
Valkyrie: as in that creepy game character
China: I have no idea what that is
Blake: wait, let me have a look
Valkyrie then turned the file to Blake, he looked at the foto's and descriptions. He then pulled out his phone and after about two minuten of tapping the screen his phone was on Creepypasta Wikia. He showed a picture of the Slenderman to China
Blake: he's a game character. There are different versions of the game but the aims are the same. Complete the task before he gets you
China: he looks like a creepy version on Skulduggery
Skulduggery: hey!
China shrugged her shoulders
Valkyrie: well that theory is stupid. He doesn't exist
China: well...
Skulduggery: China?
China: there might be a symbol that can create anything
Valkyrie: oh god, what?
China: only a few people have ever mastered it. It's called the Reality Sigil
Rue: toon us
China then grabbed a piece of paper and begun drawing she created the word 'pen' out of a number of Reality Sigils when she was done she whole the paper and a pen fell from behind the paper.
Fletcher: oh great
Skulduggery: Blake, can your phone zoom in on the titel
Blake: not enough to notice the Sigil, we'll need a computer

The ops room

The team was overlooking the computer screen as Blake got onto the Slenderman page of Creepypasta Wikia. He zoomed in as far as the computer could go and they looked closely at the titel and saw that the words that made 'Slenderman' were made up of hundreds of tiny Reality Sigils.
Valkyrie: oh crap


Slenderman stood in a forest watching over the city of Dublin bathing in the midday sun. He could wipe this city of the map but he was under orders not to which angered him further than the fact that he was only saw as a fictional character. He had heard of people believing in him, this didn't raise his spirits. A creature cloaked in black walked out of the forest and stood volgende to him.
Slenderman: bosses orders. Go to Roarhaven and give them hell
The creature grinned and ran at unnatural speeds in the direction of Roarhaven.

The Sanctuary

Valkyrie had finished putting on her old armoured clothing in the girls toilet. It felt good to be back in them and amazingly they still fit, well she hadn't aged in five years.
Tanith: looking good, val
Valkyrie turned to see Tanith standing door the door
Valkyrie: how long have u been there
Tanith: just got here, u ready?
Valkyrie: not really. I return after give years and the first thing I'm facing is Slenderman
Tanith: maybe you're a god-magnet
Valkyrie: (laughs) yeah, maybe
Tanith: well. We're needed. Coming?
Valkyrie: of course (smiles)
They walked out of the toilets and saw Skulduggery, Blake and Fletcher standing there.
Skulduggery: we've got operatives looking into every story on Creepypasta Wikia and looking into all possible hiding places
Valkyrie: but it's Slenderman. He maybe outnumbered but he outmatches all of us
Fletcher: first sign of him, they all make a run for it. Not a good plan but it works better than fighting him head on
Tanith: true
Rue and Bane ran into the corridor when they stooped both were out of breath
Rue: we've... Found... At... Least... Two... More
Blake: who?
Bane: Rake... Jeff
Tanith: who?
Blake: The Rake and Jeff the Killer. Both are skilled killers. Jeff is the teenaged Joker and The Rake is a bit like a vampire
Fletcher: what do u mean like
Valkyrie: I've heard of that one. He looks like the beast form of a vampire, except smaller and grey
Skulduggery: if that's true. We're in serious trouble
Bane: someone has to be desperate of crazy...
Fletcher: of both
Bane:... Thank u Fletcher. To do that
Rue: Eliza Scorn!
Valkyrie: what about her?
Rue: she's desperate and crazy enough
Tanith: (to Valkyrie) the Church of the Faceless has lost a lot of supporters but it hasn't gegeven up (to group) seems legit
Rue: I'll inform China of our theory
Rue then ran back the way he came. Fletcher and Blake watched him run and chuckle to themselves.
Skulduggery: well we can't stand here until we get attacked door The Three Internet Loonyhead to get here. I'm requesting that patrols are doubled (turns to Blake) I want u in charge of them
Blake: *sigh* fine (shadow-walks)
Skulduggery turned to the rest of the team
Skulduggery: we need to be on our guard

At Vaurien Scapegrace's pub

Blake had been patrolling the streets for about an hour, he was bored and tired. He walked into the pub and sat on a stood door the bar, Scapegrace stood there in his female body as his zombie on was still falling apart, Thrasher door his side. Clarabelle was walking our from the door behind the pub to head off to the Sanctuary.
Clarabelle: bye Gerald
Thrasher: bye, bye Clarabella
Clarabella then walked up to Scapegrace and kissed him on the cheek
Clarabella: bye, sweetie
Clarabella: bye, honey. See u later
Clarabella then left the bar and Scapegrace turned to Blake
Scapegrace: Ah, Detective Knight. Do what do I owe u the pleasure of this visit
Blake: on patrol duty. We've got a Slenderman and Rake and Jeff The Killer problem
Scapegrace: u mean those Creepypasta guys
Thrasher: I'm scared of them
Blake: don't be. Chances are they won't come here. They're smarter than that. Can I have a drink please
Scapegrace: yeah. Usual
Blake: scotch. Yeah please
The door opened and Valkyrie walked in.
Valkyrie: you're suppose to be on patrol duty
Blake: (finished first sip of scotch) I got bored
Valkyrie: we could be attacked at any moment and...
Thrasher: (to Blake) I thought u zei they were smarter than to attack us
Blake: patrol is just to make sure. But I'm positive they won't come here when Roarhaven is at full strength
Valkyrie: doesn't matter. Skulduggery said...
Blake: oh and u always did what he said!
Scapegrace: uh guys. No fighting in the pub
Valkyrie: we're not fighting, we're arguing
Scapegrace: oh, ok
Blake finished off his scotch, gave Scapegrace the money for it and stormed out. Valkyrie followed
Blake: u know, Valkyrie. You've treated me really badly since we met. What the hell is with that anyway
Valkyrie: look. The fact is that u replaced me. It made me think that... Maybe Skulduggery had forgotten me
Blake: He never stopped talking about you. It made me think that maybe I'm not good enough for working with him
Valkyrie: wow. I guess I owe u an....
There was a scream coming from nearby. The two ran towards the scream and they saw a grey small vampire attacking a group of people. A black mantel on the floor near him.
Valkyrie and Blake: The Rake
Valkyrie: we need to attack him hard and fast
Blake: it
Valkyrie: it?
Blake: we need to attack IT hard and fast
Valkyrie: whatever. Up for it?
Blake: of course (smiling)
The two ran at The Rake. White Lightning burst from her fingertips and shadows swirled from Blake's gauntlet and both went towards The Rake. The Rake went flying once it was hit door both streams. The two sorcerers ran at The Rake, throwing punches and kicks at The Rake. But the creature was here to raise hell and pushed them both back. A Cleaver ran at it and with one swipe of it's claws the Cleaver was cut in half from the waist. It collapsed to the ground. The Rake turned to Valkyrie and ran but a whip of shadows grabbed it and pulled it towards a gauntlet.
Valkyrie looked to see Blake grab The Rake with his shadows, she saw anger in his face but them she noticed darkness on his face. She couldn't see clearly from the shadows surrounding him that stretched around The Rake's neck. She could see the aura around them both. The Rake had a dull grey glow and Blake had a dark blue. But when she saw that The Rake was either unconscious of dead Blake dropped it and Valkyrie could now see the darkness on Blake's face.
No. Not darkness, but black veins and black lips.

Blake Knight was a Remnant.

To be continued