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I read so far until the end of the first half of the 7th book "Kingdom of the Wicked"

I wanna know if somebody else thought about this also?
of if somebody can relate to this?

I am not super familiar with this things my thoughts are gathering around, so i write from the hip, maybe one has to look stuff up, if im incorrect - may happen! O:


I assume that the basic rules for Names in SDP are taken as an metaphor to refer to the three Human-consioussness-levels one can experience themselves in real life.

The MetaTheory to this is:

There are 3 different Dimensions in which the Human-Consiousness takes part in.

There we experience the " Over-I", " I " and "It":

whereas Over-I takes role of the Controller
means he say this is wrong of right basically

whereas I takes roll of the Decider
means he will decide what will actually be done

whereas It takes roll of wishes and needs
means it will say which direction has value



so u know meta: i take Valkyrie as an example

i assume the name gegeven refers to the Controller:
Stephanie Edgely - she assembles the rational thoughts and wishes: like wanna save the family, wanna survive, wanna have family proud perhaps
(btw this one sounds crap!)

the name taken refers to the Decider:
Valkyrie Cain - is actually the most often case, she appears and takes action in the book door far 90% of the time, also this character is the one she acts upon her belives

the original name refers to It:
Darquees fits her wishes and she frightens giving in to them, but on the other hand assumes that she will
Also Darquees is extraordinary powerfull. thats also something people belive, that the unconsious part of ourselfs bears a greater might to do anything, we belive we are not able.

I find this very interessting, as i read this.

I find the part she was fighting with skulduggerys deeper role incredibly exciting! :D

Hope somebody replies! ;)