Skulduggery Pleasant Who Do Yuo Think Should Be In The Skulduggery Movie And As Who?

skulgirlchloe posted on Nov 01, 2011 at 06:39PM
i now know the movie will be coming out in 2013, cant wait. i think david tennant should be S.P

Skulduggery Pleasant 4 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden AmyofCamelot said…
Yeah, david would have the perfect voice!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Yeah, david would have the perfect voice!!!!!!!!!!!! Bubbles...
een jaar geleden skulgirlchloe said…
een jaar geleden valkyrie_cainx said…
I've come up with my perfect cast, but there are a few missind, if u have any ideas please tell me :)

Beryl Edgley Helena Bonan-Carter
Carol Edgley Unknown
China Sorrows Kate Mc Grath
Crystal Edgley Unknown
Desmond Edgley Gary Olman
Eachan Meritorious ?
Fergus Edgley Mark Williams
Ghastly Bespoke ?
Kitana ?
Melissa Edgley Julia Robets
Mevolent ?
Morwenna Crow Emily Blunt
Mr. Bliss ?
Mr. Fedgewick Anthony Head
Nefarian Serpine Robert Downy Jr
Oisin ?
Phil Lynott Phill Lynott look alike
Sagacious Tome Nathaniel Parker
Serpine's assassin ?
Skulduggery Pleasant Jonny Depp
Tanith Low Scarlet Johanson
Valkyrie Cain Unknown
Valkyrie Cain's reflection Unknown
The White Cleaver Unknown

een jaar geleden aosborne11 said…
I think
David tenant or James macavoy should be sp
Ellen Paige (shadowcat) for Valkyrie
Michelle Rodriguez as tanith
Vin diesel should be ghastly
China ?
Sagacious tome should be micheal fasbender or Hugo weaving
Fletcher should be Ben foster, but mess up his hair
Meritourious maybe the dumbledore actor