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 Sonadow Babies 2
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The seconde part ... Which took me forever to change...
posted by warriorlover40
"Scourge it's nice to see your alive." Shadow muttered.
"You too." Scourge zei through gritted teeth.
"Hey, Scourgey-wourgey." Ashton howled as she put on her hover skates.
"What?!" Sonic, Shadow and Scourge yelled.
"Want to go on a date." Ashton asked as a purple lion ran up.
"Ashy, I heard u had a crush on scourge." The lion said.
"Note to self... Don't tell Fiona anything." Ashton muttered.
"No it's cute." The lion giggled.
"Roxy is it okay if I skin u alive?" Ashton asked.
"Try it and get a dagger in the heart." Roxy laughed.
"Sure I'd love to datum you." Scourge said.
"Yay!!!!!!!" Ice and Roxy...
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posted by warriorlover40
Shadow walked out of Silver's house. A light blue blur ran door with a green one door it. Shadow saw the blue one jump and hit the other one. "Ash I got scourge!" Yelled a blue cat with white hair.
A blue hedge wolf walked up. " What made u think that the freedom fighters wouldn't get you, Hun?"
"A very pretty hedge wolf." A green hedgehog said. Sonic walked door and stopped at the sight.
"How? When?" Sonic yelled.
"It was Ice who used my hover skates and took him down." The hedge wolf sighed. "Maybe if he wasn't a evil you. I would d-"
"No way! YOU'RE A FREEDOM FIGHTER!" A pure black hedgehog yelled....
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posted by warriorlover40
Ashton a blue hedge wolf with brown hair. Has a bit of a chip on her shoulder. Freedom fighter till the end. Can use telekinesis, chaos energy, ice, talks to animals and, speed due to hover skates. Loves to annoy sonic when ever she can. Her right eye is robotic. Her left leg and arm are too.

Black a pure black hedgehog with chest fur. Is an emo like a red and black hedgie we know and love. Don't take crap from no one except Ashton. Keeps to himself. Has no powers but he does have a gun. Stick with Ashton till the end. Not a freedom fighter.

Ice a light blue cat with white hair. She has four...
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A sexy Sonadow Collab door me and my friend Amber :3 youtube: linkdeviantart: linkfacebook: link
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