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Oh my... Amy is getting frisky tonight ;) Sonic, u better be ready ;P
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This SonAmy foto might contain anime, grappig boek, manga, cartoon, and stripboek.

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Ok! So I made this chatroom feat. Sonic and Amy! They're just the cutest couple so I just had to make something in honor of them!
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At tails' house:
Tails: so what u saying is that u made the biggest mistake in your life and now u need help.
Sonic: yep that's just about it
Tails:(gets up and punches sonic in the arm. Hard)
Sonic(grabs arm) ow
Tails: u deserve it especially this isn't the first time this has happened.
Sonic:can u tell me what to do
Tails: it's very simple. Change just like she did.
Sonic: u mean
Tails: yes. ( goes into bathroom and brings out an oranje dye)
Sonic:no way tails i like my color and why do u have that
Tails: if u dont then u dont respect Amy, and my cousin left it here
Sonic: fine (...
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should be there theme song
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Sometimes, they say love is blind. It can send your hart-, hart to heaven, but then crush it in the end. This is not that type of love.

If u don't know who I already am, let me introduce myself. My name is Amelia Rose. But my vrienden call me Amy. And, though I don't want to admit it right now, I'm in love with the most renowned hero, Sonic the Hedgehog. Oh, how I love him so much! But, because of how I act whenever I'm around him, he always runs away. If only he knew how I truly felt. But, I guess now that I'm much meer older, I've learned that love doesn't come to u that easily. Especially when...
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Amy and Sonic are getting married but problems are happening Sally and Fiona are jelous and they team up together to break up Amy and Sonic Mina is feeling lonely and Sonic thinking seconde thoughts about his proposal will things turn out better of will they get worse?!

~Amy's Pov~

I Was sitting down watching the sun set with my vrienden Cream,Mina,Cosmo,and Rouge It was nice to see the sun going down just when the sun was going to set Sonic Came speeding toward us he looked at me and said

"Ames Can we talk"
I Waited for sonic to say something until he looked at my vrienden and said...
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