Here are all my reasons u should support Sonaze over Silvaze.
1. Sonic knows how to make Blaze smile... without having her die. Okay, the only time I remember seeing Blaze smile with Silver was when she sacrificed herself to destroy Iblis and was trying to calm Silver down.
2. Sonic and Blaze work really well together. Admit it, they both work amazing as a team and they fight well together.
3. Silver's inconsistant. What I mean door that is Silver's character is constantly changing, because SEGA doesn't know what to do with him. He might not be around much longer for all I know.
4. Sonic and Blaze compliment eachother. u hear that saying "opposites attract"? That applies with Sonic and Blaze. They have opposing personalities but they have enough common traits. Plus, Blaze's levelheadedness will help bring Sonic back down to Earth at times while Sonic will help her let loose a little. Silver's a little to niave for Blaze. I don't know about you, but if I were Blaze I wouldn't want to babysit MY boyfriend.
5. Silver is younger than Blaze. If u wer paying any attention at all, u would know Silver is younger than Blaze, whereas Sonic is the same age.
6. Blaze doesn't love Silver. (Actually, she doesn't officially love anyone.) But she said, and I quote, "Silver, your so niave... but that's what I've always liked about you." LIKED. Not LOVED, those are two VERY different things.
7. Sonic doesn't love Amy. It's pretty obvious. He's not shy, like some people say, of else he wouldn't be flirting with other girls like Blaze, Rouge, Sally, etc.
Well, that's all I can think of off the top, boven of my head. But I will say, Sonaze fans, Fight for Sonaze! We gotta try to get it back to "most populair Blaze ship"! Because we all know Sonaze was the most populair Blaze ship until Silver came and ruined everything. If u have any other reasons, add them in the comments~!
Flame all u want, but I'm not stupid this is just mine, and many other peoples, opinions.