SONIC COUPLES Whats U Fav Couple ?

Pick one:
sonic and sally
sonic and amy
sonic and mina
sonic and tiara
knuckles and sonia
knuckles and rouge
knuckles and julie su
knuckles and tikal
knuckles and shade
tails and cosmo
tails and cream
tails and marine
tails and amy
tails and mina
tails and wave
espio and nic
espio and liza
epsio and shade
espio and sonia
mighty and barby koala
mighty and wave
mighty and tiara
mighty and honey
vector and vanilla
vector and wave
charmy and saffron
straal, straal, ray and marine
straal, straal, ray and cream
silver and shade
silver and lara su of jani ca
silver and sonia
silver and blaze
silver and wave
shadow and maria
shadow and rouge
shadow and tiara
shadow and sonia
shadow and shade
manic and mina
manic and rouge
manic and amy
jet and wave
storm and wave
lara su and manik
lara su and argyle
rutan and slama
bunnie and antoine
scourge and fiona
amy and mighty
amy and shadow
lien da and shadow
lien da and dr finitevus
matilda and straal, straal, ray
rob o hedge and marian
wave and shadow
wave and espio
Shadow and Blaze
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manic and wave
manic and sally
manic and nic
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mephiles and scourge! (mephourge)
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