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de keuze van de fan: hedgehog
de keuze van de fan: Red
de keuze van de fan: a fan charactor
Who&# 39; s chris?
de keuze van de fan: Fight back! Defend Mobius! Fight the New Order!
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katkat57 zei …
goooosh, i know everyone else is saying it on here-- but i'm really bummed this club is dead. a picture i geplaatst six months geleden is still on the "recent images" page.... *sob* geplaatst ·2 dagen geleden
Ayatonic zei …
decided to snoop around here on my cringe quests... seems dead here. but i expected that, ahhh geplaatst ·6 maanden geleden
ThePrototypical commentaar gegeven…
An actual ghost town tbh ·6 maanden geleden
ShadowFan100 commentaar gegeven…
Hello. Remember me? ·3 maanden geleden
katkat57 commentaar gegeven…
seems i'm a *bit* late again... hello!! ·2 dagen geleden
ThePrototypical zei …
Yo, I dunno if anyone remembers lil ol' me, I was MephilesTheDark years geleden back when this place was still running. Long time geleden now.
If anyone wants to catch up again, well... I'm on facebook under the name Alex Coppinger. geplaatst ·7 maanden geleden
Sableye21 commentaar gegeven…
Oh man. I remember you. Well, we haven't really talked but I used to lurk this club heh. u used to be one of the big dogs here with Tak. ·7 maanden geleden
SiriusAmory commentaar gegeven…
Well, aren't we one big happy family :0 this is FrizTHedgehog ·3 maanden geleden
ThePrototypical commentaar gegeven…
Long time, no see! ·3 maanden geleden