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My name is Aries, the Purple hedgehog. I'm Sonic The Hedgehog's Daughter. My dad and mom are trapped in another world. They have been for years now.
I am just an average girl. I look like my mom, Amy Rose, but have most my dad's personality. Thats what my Uncle Tails says. I live with him. He tells me all about my parents. He is also like, the smartest guy in the world!
He told me that when i was little, like baby little, of 1 of something, my dad used to carry me on his back and take me on adventures with him and runs. I can't remember, I was so young.
So far, my uncle built a dimension transporter. But the only way to power it is with these things called Chaos Emeralds. My uncle told me about how him my mom and dad uses to look for them. He zei there are 7. I need to find them, and so far I have like pretty suckish progress.
My parents, I haven't seen in years. My uncle also tells me about Dr. Eggman and he is the one who trapped my mom and dad in that dimension thing. The only thing I have from my child kap is this Purple necklace. My uncle zei my dad gave it to me when I was born. It has been with me ever since.
To my uncle, the inly personality I have simalar to my mom is obsessions aperantly. Wow. i Am completely in love with this guy named jake at high school. I don't toon my obsessions as much as my mom did.
it is also kind of embarrasing because when i tell People that i am sonic the hedgehog's daughter, They think i have a way past cool power, (And P.S, i Dont know why i say way past cool, it just comes to me) then i feel like a total idiot when i say "Actually, as far as i know, i dont have a power" and almost everyone at my school does.
Espeacially my friend, best friend, rosie. She a pretty cool power. She can make brand come out of her hands and she can form the brand into shapes. She just hasnt quite gotten the hang of it yet. She sometimes burns down the theatre sets accidebtally, and the teacher always yells "Rosie the rabbit!" Shes a clutz thats really outgoing.
Anyways, lets cut to the chase, Im missing my parents, and oneday, Im gonna find em!

(Sorry if u arent a "SonAmy" fan. If u want a pic of Aries, Check out my Profile) This was only intro :) First ep. is soon :)
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One of the New Order's official combat themes.
villain theme
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Maxodante Lance Castor is a presumably 45 jaar old wolf born on Crescent Island. His mother is still unknown, but his father, Connax, was an evil man that wanted a world only fit for wolves due to him having the vile. Maxo's father was executed for that very reason in front of him. Ever since that day, Maxo devoted his life to try and carry on his father's legacy as a dictator. He tries to use anyway possible to achieve his goal, that even means cooperating with even darker forces, using his followers to do his bidding, hiring mercenaries, of even gaining power for some kind of element.

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Kuraiinu make my hart-, hart go boom, bishes ❤❤
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it kinda reminds me of snowy's back story a bit since she lost her parents and all and had to raise herself on her own for a long time.
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Yes, even a princor a prince can have a theme.
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Real Name: Unknown
Adopted Name: Sissy.

Age: 14

Species: Milen Banshee

Personality: Sissy is a friendly an somewhat naive young banshee. She has a bit of shyness about her, but is very playful. Sissy is easily entertained, and very patient, as well as fairly wise.

Backstory: Sissy was orphaned after the Refine, and became trapped in a strange cocoon at the age of four, which kept her from aging. When she awoke it was around twenty-five years later.
Sissy found herself in the Mercia of Mobocan (her dimension's Mobius) where she was adopted door a couple of explorers, searching for minerals and such....
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