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Scorch-Werehog posted on Apr 21, 2012 at 01:26AM
Prologue: [Dear parent/guardian,
Your child has been excepted at Mobius Middle school where they can learn subjects they need, and learn how to use their powers correctly. Your son or daughter will be tested at the end of each month to see how much they have learned. Please fill out this application so we know that you would allow your son or daughter to participate in our school.
Earthquake the Hedgedragon]

Sign up form:
Altire (clothing):
Fur/hair color:
Eye color:
Other info:

Enrolled students so far:
Scorch (Scorch-Werehog)
Venice (gyrothehedgehog)
Gian (Terrathecat)
Giana (Terrathecat)
Chiara Valentina Lucrezia (Mrs_Ronano)
Birgitte Cecilie Gudrun (Mrs_Romano)
Victoria (Victoriame)
Snydel (Scorch-Werehog)
Tia (123KittyCat)
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een jaar geleden Scorch-Werehog said…
Name: Scorch
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Skills: Drawing, writing, being mean...
Type: Fire
Powers: Fire, strength
Personality: Shy, but can be mean.
Race: American with some Greek
Species: Werehog
Altire: Purple, green, and dark blue sneakers
Fur Color: Red and orange
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'5"
Weight: Don't ask
Bio: Kind of painful for me...
Other info: His best friends are Blaster and Earthquake.
 Name: Scorch Age: 12 Gender: Male Skills: Drawing, writing, being mean... Type: brand Powers: Fire, st
een jaar geleden gyrothehedgehog said…
Name: Venice
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Skills: Writing, reading, being sneaky
Type: Darkness
Powers: He can control darkness and poison
Personality: Hasty, tends to lash out, flirtasious and is loyal to his friends
Race: American
Species: Hedgehog
Attire: A pair of tattered jeans with holes in the knees
Fur color: Black and pink
Eye color: Hot pink
Height: 4"3
Weight: 39 pounds
Bio: Venice is a trained assassin, but he is currently not undercover. He is love with Gyro.
His current weapon is a switchblade.
een jaar geleden Terrathecat said…
Age: 12
Skills:reading,building,and fighting
Powers:Water,making plants die
Personality: smart nice and helpful but dont get him mad
Altire (clothing):black shorts and a white t-shirt
Fur/hair color:blonde
Eye color:red
Other info: has a twin sister named giana
choice of wepon: dagger,pistol,rifle,surukin,brass knuckles

Skills: drawing singing reading writing ..ect.
Powers:Making things come to life, and fire
Personality: same as her brother
Altire (clothing):black converse,blue jeans,and a white tank top
Fur/hair color:blonde
Eye color:red
Weight:... flerp
Other info: has a twin brother named gian
Chice of wepon:Surukin,dagger,pistol,rifle,brass knuckles
een jaar geleden Scorch-Werehog said…
Scorch: Hm...
een jaar geleden Victoriame said…
Name: Victoria
Age: 13
Gender: female
Skills: drawing alittle,nice to friends
Type: any kind
Powers: any kind of powers
Personality: hang out with friends,and more
Race: any kind of races
Species: hedgehog
Altire (clothing): green shirt,blue pants,pink boots,a white and red necklace
Fur/hair color: brown and peach
Eye color: brown
Height: not asking
Weight: not asking
Bio: my husband Max the hedgehog,My children Keyla the hedgehog or penny and Sam the hedgehog
Other info: my best friends lune the hedgehog or katie,Kesha the hedgehog or mary,and Shadira the hedgehog or keke and more
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 Name: Victoria Age: 13 Gender: female Skills: drawing alittle,nice to vrienden Type: any kind Pow
een jaar geleden Scorch-Werehog said…
(I can't start very well... XD)
een jaar geleden Scorch-Werehog said…
Name: Snydel
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Skills: Not many
Type: Doesn't matter
Powers: Flying
Personality: Mischievous
Race: German
Species: Fox
Altire (clothing): Red gloves, blue and purple shoes
Fur&Hair color: Yellow
Eye color: Orange
Height: 3'5"
Weight: 56 lb
Bio: Do we really want to get into that???
Other info: He loves to play pranks on people, so be CAREFUL!!!
een jaar geleden Scorch-Werehog said…
Snydel: *setting something up to pull a prank*
een jaar geleden Scorch-Werehog said…
Scorch: What are you doing?

Snydel: *falls and gets up* Oh, Hey Scorch. *sweating* I wasn't doing anything that has to do with pulling a prank... ^^;
een jaar geleden Terrathecat said…
Gian & giana :*walks into school* (inusion: Where is our firts class?)

Giana:*walks to scorch and snydel* Ane young hasse young!

Gian:*walks to his class*
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een jaar geleden Scorch-Werehog said…
(Um, not sure. everyone has a different scheduale so...)

Snydel: Huh?

Scorch: *sees a bucket of water* Really, Snydel?
een jaar geleden Terrathecat said…
Giana: Im trying to say hello.<mutters:씨발놈아>

Gian:*gets wet by the water* 씨발놈아!!!!!!!!!!!
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een jaar geleden Scorch-Werehog said…
Scorch: The hell???

Snydel: Oh...
een jaar geleden Terrathecat said…

Giana:*runs behind snydel and scorch* Crap.
een jaar geleden Scorch-Werehog said…
Scorch: *walks away with no guilt because he didn't do it*

Snydel: I didn't do it... *very nervous that Gian will find out that he did it*
een jaar geleden Terrathecat said…
Giana: It wasnt me i was with you!

Gian:Its decided its snydel.*drags snydel into a tp secrete lab and puts a no pranking band on him* there. now it wont happen next time cause if it did i will kill you.

een jaar geleden gyrothehedgehog said…
Venice: *is in class* stupid math....*pulls out answer sheet* good thing i brought an answer sheet *fills in the answers throws away the answer sheet and gives the teacher his paper*
een jaar geleden 123KittyCat said…
Sign up form:
Name: Tia
Age: 13
Skills: Hand to hand combat, Drawing
Powers: drawing pics of the future
Personality: Fun and bubbly
Bio: You'll find out as she chooses to reveal it
Other info: hates peanut butter
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een jaar geleden 123KittyCat said…
Tia: hey all whats up
een jaar geleden Terrathecat said…
Giana:*walking around the halls* Where am i?
een jaar geleden Scorch-Werehog said…
Scorch: You're in the hallway that leads to Art class. *walks past with a sketch pad that has drawings in it.*
een jaar geleden gyrothehedgehog said…
Venice: *is outside* cool, looks like someone's in trouble *runs into an allyway and finds a hole in the ground* i am so smooth *goes into the hole*
een jaar geleden Lancelot8 said…
Sign Up Form:
Name: Darkness
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Skills: Able to create darkness
Type: Dark
Powers: Able to create darkness and misery
Personality: Actually, despite him being able to create misery, he is actually very nice.
Species: Hedgehog
Attire: Green T-shirt
Fur&Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Gold
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 78 lb
Bio: He used to control light but now controls darkness
Other Info: Don't get him mad!
een jaar geleden Lancelot8 said…
Darkness: *walking to the school*
een jaar geleden gyrothehedgehog said…
Venice: *pops out of the hole in the girls' room* cool underground passageway to a girls' room *pulls out a map* gotta mark that on my map of the school *walks out of the girls' room and runs into Darkness* OW! *falls over*
een jaar geleden Terrathecat said…
Giana:*Takes out all her sketch books and sees vince and darkness are in the way of her class* Umm.. excuse can you move out of the way please *points to the door* i need to get into art class.
een jaar geleden Lancelot8 said…
Darkness: Oh, a sorry. *moves out of the way* *looks at Vince* Why did you walk into me?
een jaar geleden gyrothehedgehog said…
Venice: I was marking something on my map of the school and i didn't see you there. sorry. *blushes*
een jaar geleden Lancelot8 said…
Darkness: k... *walks over to the gym*
een jaar geleden Terrathecat said…
Giana:Thx. *walks in*
een jaar geleden Lancelot8 said…
Darkness: I hate gym...
een jaar geleden gyrothehedgehog said…
Venice: *walks into the boys' locker room* goody. it's gym. i get to sweat my butt off while watching the fat,lazy teacher mooch on Butterfingers and fried chicken. *sighs and takes off jeans* why do I have to undress in front of other guys I prefer undressing in front of girls *pouty face while pulling on gym shorts*
een jaar geleden gyrothehedgehog said…
Venice: *is running laps in gym* must..keep...running....can't.......go....­..o­n..­...­...­muc­h..­...­l-l­ong­er.­..*­fal­ls to the ground*
Gym teacher: you just took a couple of steps, get up, Thornabus*that is his last name it sounds stupid DX*
een jaar geleden numnumyellow67 said…
Name: Seriosnilis Raum Mintel (Prefers Serios)
Age: 12
Gender: Girl
Skills: Fighting, Drawing, Flying spaceships(YEAH)
Type: Any kind
Powers: Force fields, invisibility
Personality: Helpful, brave, and caring
Species: Cat
Altire: Tight teal suit with black body armour.
Fur & Hair Color: Light brown/Hair:Light grey.
Eye color: Black
Height: 4'6"
Weight: 100 LB (Armour included)
Bio: Her spaceship was blown up along with all her friend and family except her childhood friend Zypher(cat). Born on Sonic's planet and raised on her spaceship.
Other info: Hates dresses and skirts, can't stand the smell of hair spray
last edited een jaar geleden
 Name: Seriosnilis Raum Mintel (Prefers Serios) Age: 12 Gender: Girl Skills: Fighting, Drawing, Flying
een jaar geleden gyrothehedgehog said…
een jaar geleden numnumyellow67 said…
Serios: Um, hi? I'm Seriosnilis, but you can all me Serios.
een jaar geleden Terrathecat said…
Giana: * walks out of art class * THAT TEACHER DOESNT EVEN KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ART!!
een jaar geleden numnumyellow67 said…
Serios: Um, what happened?
een jaar geleden gyrothehedgehog said…
Gyro: Hi Serios. Geez, what happened with you?*raises an eyebrow at Giana*
een jaar geleden sparkyhedgehog said…
sparky the hedgehog
shy, but gets angered easily. has chaos powers.

sparky: *runs into the school* NOOO!!! im late again!

(crappy picture, i know. blame ms paint)
 sparky the hedgehog shy, but gets angered easily. has chaos powers. sparky: *runs into the school*
een jaar geleden numnumyellow67 said…
Serios: Hi Gyro
een jaar geleden Lancelot8 said…
Darkness: I'm in SO much trouble! *runs to the gym*
een jaar geleden Terrathecat said…
Giana:*gets hit by shock when he ran in* HEY!
een jaar geleden gyrothehedgehog said…
Gyro: Hey Serios. Smooth move, Shock. *snickers*
een jaar geleden numnumyellow67 said…
Serios: -_-
een jaar geleden serperiorgrl6 said…
Name: Emma
Age: 13
Gender: Girl
Skills: Drawing, Piano, Healing
Type: Light
Powers: Healer, Controls light
Personality: Nice, Friendly, Shy, Honest
Race: English
Species: Cat
Altire (clothing): Cloud shirt with white heart in middle, Black pants with paint splashes, Cat slippers, Blue gloves with thumb holes
Fur/hair color: Fur: Hot Pink Hair:Dark brown
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5'4''
Weight:doesn't matter
Bio: she'll tell later
Other info: has HUGE temper
een jaar geleden tinaloo said…
Name: Ruby
Skills: Drawling,Music,Guitar,Writing, Science Martial arts
Type: God
Powers: she can control any thing
Personality: nice, calm, sometimes angry, and Shy
Race: german and Englash
Species: Hedgephinix (phinix like the fire bird)
Clothing: lightblue shirt with a gold star in the middle, black skiny jeans, Red cutoff lether gloves, and her shoes have a lighting mark on them
Fur/Hair coller: Fur is Red and her hair is blue
Eye coller: Emerlad green
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 25
Bio: grew up in germany has a brother named yellow who is her twin only he has yellow fur. she is a punk Rocker and she saves the world A LOT
Other info: She HATES the press

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een jaar geleden tinaloo said…
Name: yellow
age: 14
Skils: Drawling,Reading,Math,and Drums
Type: god
Powers: any thing
Personality: nice, sarcastic, careing ,and funny
Race: german and Engelish
Specias: HeadgePhinx
Clothing: ac/dc shirt with a leather jacket, Blue Skinny jeanes. and like his sister his shoes have a lighting mark on them
Fur/Hair: fur is black hair is yellow
Eye coller: Emerlad green
Height: 5'6"
Wieght: 33
bio: grew up in germany and his sister is ruby
Other info: Loves VIDEO games
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een jaar geleden tinaloo said…
Ruby: *wallking down the hall*
een jaar geleden gyrothehedgehog said…
Gyro: Whaaat? *grins* I was jus' having some fun wi' him.