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posted by sonicfanAG
LOOK PEOPLE u DONT HAVE TO BE MEAN ABOUT SONIC AND AMY!SONIC LIKES AMY BUT HE JUST DOES NOT WANT TO EXPRESS HIS FEELINGS TO HER!!HE'S TO SHY!BUT THEY WILL GET MARRIED AND HAVE A LITTLE GIRL NAMED ANA AND A LITTLE BOY NAMED SPEEDY!!!THEY WILL BECOME KING AND QUEEN OF CHRISTMAS ISLAND!!!!THEY L-O-V-E EACH OTHER!DUH!!(please dont take it offensive it's just that there a very adorable couple together.i mean come on everybody has their on opinions dont they so what ever u do dont take this for granted and DONT PUT ANY HATER COMMENTS!ok!thanks fin
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(WARNING: Cussing is in this article, so be cautious of that. If swearing turns u off, then please leave now.)

You know what? If the Sonic series does ONE thing I really loathe, it's getting rid of things I liked from it. I mean, seriously, what kind of a game series gets rid of some things that make it good!? But I digress.

And although there's those things we're glad never came back....

That doesn't change my opinion one bit. But hey, in the words of Steven Wright, u can't have everything! Where would u put it?

Seriously though, the Sonic series tends to tick a hell of a lot of people...
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So many people won’t let it pass that Sonamy doesn’t exist… AT ALL. So many people will try to reference an episode of Sonic X where NO WORDS OF CONFESSION WERE MADE, of pictures where NO CONSENTUAL KISS WAS GIVEN, of a gesture of goodness where NO- u get it.

I am very much so a Sonally fan. Why? Well I’ve done a rant about that already. I know, as do others, that Sonamy simply hasn’t happened, and is not the “real” pairing.

However we have Sonic Boom now. It is a new continuity (for all that’s worth considering it’s WASTING all its potential). Could this be the start of the...
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