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posted by ChaosArtist
hallo guys sonic here again!..where was i? Oh yeah so me and my buddy tails were tied up and incomes big ole Eggman to bevestig my suspicions but it's like he get's stupider and stupider every time yeah we were chained up but i sonic span and broke the chains with ease the Dr didn't look shocked in the slightest just as i went to untie tail's we hear a crash and both look at a giant whole in the uithangbord of the dark room and it was a new improved metal sonic it flew at me at full speed and smashed us both out the other side of the room's uithangbord and as were flying out i see where we were its the Eggship flying around in the sky i thought to myself "how could i be so stupid not to free tail's straight away?!" and the metal sonic started to fly full throttle down to the ground just before we hit the ground the three emeralds that we had in the tornado were falling from the sky because i guess when we crashed it was into Egg mans egg ship and i guess they slipped out so just before we hit the hard ground i managed to grab the three emeralds and use there power to teleport it wasn't my speed i was using the chaos emeralds for power and i got to the top, boven of the air craft anyway like i zei i was seconden away from loosing a life when i did this so metal didn't have time to realize what had happened and crashed himself into the floor he was badly damaged but not destroyed so he was slowly flying upwards my way his jet engines were "farting" petrol like every minuut and i was trying to break back in to save tails...oh dudes my chili dog has just finished warming up in the microwave i gotta run i'll tell u what happened volgende time i learned a valuable lesson that's all i'll say for now TO BE CONTINUED yours truly:sonic ;)
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posted by sonic-hisworld

Eggman's base
Sonic's pov

I raced through the corrider of eggman's base.The alarma blared throughout the whole place.Robots chased after me.''Heh Heh Heh.Im too fast for 'em!"I snickered.I spindashed them and they fell to pieces.Just then,I saw a hedgehog girl just flip and kick a robot up ahead.I walked toward her.She had red brown hair,white fur,and beautiful piercing smaragd, emerald green eyes.She was wearing a blue V-neck longsleeve with black skinny jeans and blue boots.Beautiful.I tried to stay cool."Not bad.i dont know many girls who can do that."I zei to her.She turned around...
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posted by Sonicfan67
Chip:Hi Sonic.
Sonic:Hey Chip,how goes it?
Chip:Did Sally got me fish?
Sonic:Yeah,I think so.
(Chip grabs a bag of vis from a shopping bag)
Chip:Oh yeah,very healthy for the prostate.If I had one,it would be a loop to the fanny one.
(Chip puts the bag of vis in the refrigerator)
Sonic:You know,you never told me about your World War II stories in a long time.You were over Italy right?
Chip:Uh huh.I actually have a foto taken of myself and Mussolini.He's upside down of course.
Sonic:It must have been wild there.Gosh,we've been over with history,and art..and pizza
Chip:And the hookers weren't too shabby,huh?...
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First off this is not about which
Sonic games are better.
And no "New Sonic games suck ***!" flaming.

I had Super Nintendo instead of a Genesis as a kid, so I didn't play much Sonic until I got older.
In fact I played Sonic 3 for the first time last year.

It is my opinion that saying that the original Sonic games are faster is false.

I played some Sonic 2 and 3 recently.
The levels are very far from being a racetrack.
If u want to beat the game u have to take each step carefully.
Booby traps are everywhere.
Its like being in a temple from an Indiana Jones...
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sonic dances to gentlemen
sonic dancing gentlemen
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