-Tails is still flying above to seen anything. He lands to rest.-
Sonic: See anything?
Tails: Nothing. I'll check again once I catch my breath.
-Tails flew back up and noticed something shiny in someone's hands. They were flying too. They had bat wings. Tails knew who this was. He flew down to Sonic.-
Tails: Rouge has the Chaos Emerald! She must've Stolen it at the shrine! We have to catch her!
Knuckles: Your right! And once I get my hands on that jewel thief, She'll be sorry!
-Tails flew up to Rouge to try get the Chaos Emerald.-
Tails: Rouge! We need that emerald!
Rouge: No way! I've come this far to collect one of these beauties and I'm not giving up easily!
-Rouge used her boot kick and kicked Tails in the face. Tails fell and landed on Knuckles.-
Tails: Auughh!!
Knuckles: Ooof!! Tails, What happened?!
Tails: She's not giving it up! We'll have to trade her something.
Sonic: What does she like.
Knuckles: She's a Jewel Thief, so she likes things like gems and jewelry. Maybe a halsketting, ketting of another gem...
-They think for a moment and then Sonic remembers something.-
Sonic: What about this?
-It was a Silver necklace, with a Sapphire in the middle.-
Tails: No u can't Sonic.
Sonic: Why not?
Knuckles: Amy gave that to you.
Sonic: Who's Amy?
-Knuckles and Tails look at each other. They started talking silently.-
Knuckles: He can't give her Amy's necklace. Amy' would be heartbroken.
Tails: But if we don't , Sonic might never know who Amy is and that would be even worse.
Knuckles: Your right. ok
-They look back at the very confused Sonic.-
Tails: Give me the halsketting, ketting and I'll try to Bargain with her.
-Sonic nodded and handed over the necklace. Tails flew up and caught up to Rouge.-
Rouge: Wasn't a kick in the face good enough for you?! Get lost!
Tails: Rouge stop! I want to trade.
Rouge: It better be worth it.
-Tails explained what happened to Sonic and why they need the Emeralds. He told her about the halsketting, ketting and the trade.-
Rouge: It's a beautiful necklace, but...Is it enough?
Tails: It's pure Silver and the gem is a real Sapphire!
Rouge: A Silver and Sapphire necklace? Ok deal. But if Amy finds out, Don't send her to me!
Tails: I'll think she'll understand.
-Tails flew down with the Blue Chaos Emerald. He handed it to Sonic and the same thing happened that happened with the Red Chaos Emerald. Sonic grabbed his head and remembered meer about his past.-
Knuckles: Sonic, are u ok?
Sonic: Never been better, Knuckle-head.
Tails: He remembers you, Knuckles.
Knuckles: I think I know...
Tails: Let's get going, we still need to find the other five Chaos Emeralds.
Knuckles: Let's see if Cream of Vanilla have anything we might need.
-They took off for Cream's and Vanilla's house.-

To Be Continued!!

-description Overview-

I wanted to add all the characters to make everyone happy, either their all in one of their in separate ones. Poor Tails getting kicked in the face. I'm so mean!