9:55 am sonic is talking to ash on the phone.
sonic-ash,i had this wierd dream last nigth.i was trapped in the realm of mystery and darkness.i didnt see anything and i could only hear.
ash-wat were some of thr thinks u heard?
sonic-you & shadows voices.you sounded like u were in trouble & shadow said''she`s gonna die sonic!''
ash-(shocked door wat he said)u dont think it meant anything do u?
sonic-i dont know,maybe & i couldent find u because i didnt know were u were.
ash-wierd,but i also had a dream last nigth to.
sonic-no way!really?
ash-yeah,i dreamt about some horrible stuff shadow migth do to us.like pouring gasoline on the floor below-
ash-yup,& then shouting ''burn in hell! da both of u.''
sonic that`s definetly something
ash-but my dream did have a happy ending.this bird guided me out into the ligth.
sonic-well,that`s nice.unlike mine.
ash-but arianna should know.
sonic-shes physic rigth?
ash-yes,see ya then!(hangs up)
shadow was already at work & sonic and ash were on there mission.get 2 arianna`s house
ash-(on cell phone)u should head out first since im going to the store,you`re faster than me.
ash-want anything to drink?
sonic-sure i dont care wat u get me,just something.
ash-ok.i`ll be another 5 mins.
sonic-alrigth(hangs up)
*ariannas house*
sonic-hey ash!u got the drinks?
ash-yup.(hands arianna & sonic there drinks)
arianna-come around me sonic & ash,i have some fourtunes to tell u about.
sonic-so what`ve u got?
ariaanna-you and shadow r going to have another figth but a bit meer tramactic than the first.
sonic-really?(in amazment)he just dosent know when to give up.
arianna-ash i can tell your relationship with shadow is going to get wrose over time.better it of get outta it.
ash-well i can tell he is getting meer demanding.
ash has just come back fromfrom the store & washing shadows car at the car wash;shadow is waiting 4 her in the parking lot.
shadow-bring my stuff?
ash-yes shadow,& i washed your car like u told me to.shadow looking at the exterior to she if she missed anything.
shadow-u did well.(walkes to the top, boven of the stairs)
(ash kickes his car with the end of her heel in fustration)
shadow-what was that?!
ash-oh crap!(she relises theres a small dent in his car from were she kicked it)
shadow-where did that dent come from?
ash-i just kicked your car.
shadow-u did what?!
ash-u pissed me off.
*flashback ends*
sonic-you kicked his car!ha!ha!ha!i wish u could have done it again exept below the belt!ha!shadow.
ash-arianna,u have anything else u want to add?
arianna-oh,yes if u guys do decide to hang out together than becareful of your surroundings.shadow migth be snooping on u unsepectedly.
sonic & ash-alrigh!
this concludes another chapter of this saga.