Sonic the hedgehog,Sega's 1991 video game that was released in June 23(If I'm Right). There are certain funny,unsual things that I figured about these characters,and maybe some other things from the comics,television series,game etc,. Whoever created Silver the hedgehog,his quills attracts humor from audience. Thanks to the creator idea,people compare Silver's head as a marjuana plant. I wonder what made the creator make Silver look like a pothead? If the creator would've had an idea of If the creator just didn't care. fans who hear other people teasing Silver gets offended door their mockery. Characters like Sonic,Kunckles,Silver,and Amy are Mobians of Anthromorphics. But one of these animals with human habits likes to eat meat that's from animals? o.0. Not knowing which episode it was in Sonic X but this should be from season 1. When I watched the toon Sonic,Amy,Cream,Tails,Chris his grandpa,and some spanish lady and chinese man,were sitting down eating burritos! Which is used with buffalo of red meat! And everyone knows Sonic favoriete food that is used with meat! What is it!?! Chili Dogs! Exactly! It's his afvorite food but he loves Eating Them! You'll find him eat it in Sonic and the black knight and find purchases in Sonic Unleashed. I thought it was unsual because I never knew that anthromorphics that are still animals eat each other. Even this was only from Earth in Sonic X, this is also in Mobious. I never thought that mobians kill of take dead animals for lunch. This would prove evidence from Satam of the sonic the hedgehog series. Some episode in Satam,Sonic appetite arouses as he finds a pig selling a hand full of chili dogs. He took one to eat but took the rest to eat later. You'll find him eating it in Sonic Underground and The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog. Next,some people favoriete fanfictional couples,Sonic YAIO. Yep,you heard it. YAOI couples like Sonadow,Shadilver,Sonourge,and Knuxonic. Most guys and girls hate people mixing guys of girls in the same gender with abominal pictures and fanfictions. I believe this is the most important weird thing in Sonic the hedgehog because people take SEGA's characters and make them into gay icons. Last but not least Jet the hawk voice in Sonic Free Riders. When I purchased the game,I felt that his voice was very annoying and squeaky. I liked his voice better in,Sonic riders:zero gravity. Do u like his voce? Jet's voice in Sonic Riders:Zero Gravity has little meer masculine to it than in Sonic Free Riders. However,Jet's voice in Sonic Free Riders sounds like a rascal child. Thanks for reading my article. Don't forget to review.