Amy's car
Me, Sonic, and Tails got our cars onto the track. We were just about to practice when the ladies we were waiting for arrived in their cars.

Amy: *Stops behind Sonic's car*
Cream: *Stops behind Tails' car*
Sexy: *Stops behind my car*
Sonic: Just when we were about to practice.

All three of them got out of their cars simultaneously.

Amy: Sonniku! *Runs to Sonic, and hugs him*
Sonic: Okay, you're excited to see me. Jeez.
Tails: *Shy* Hey.
Cream: *Also shy* Hi.
Tails: I hope u got those parts I sent u for your car.
Cream: I did, and I wanna thank you.
Tails: When can I kiss you?
Cream: When I get permission from my mommy.
Tails: When is that going to happen?
Cream: Soon hopefully.
Sexy: hallo handsome.
Sean: Hey.
Sexy: u weren't going to race without us, were you?
Sean: It's called practice.
Sexy: And you're going to need all the practice u can take.
Sean: I don't think so. Your car maybe faster then mine, but I have better handling.
Sexy: *Giggling* We'll see about that. *Kisses Sean* How about we-
Sean: Not now. We'll do it after the race, and make sure no one sees us.
Sexy: I can't wait to-
Sean: Have a three letter word that starts with an S. I know, I can't wait either.
Sexy: *Whispers* Are u alright?
Sean: *Whispers* Yeah, but Tails, and Cream are here. We can't say inappropriate things in front of them.
Sonic: Hey, are u ready?
Sean: Huh? Oh yeah.
Sexy: Let's race.

The six of us got our cars lined up. We were starting the race, while Robotnik was watching from a far distance.

Robotnik: That hedgehog, and his vrienden are racing. Without me! Why don't we change that?
Nazi 54: What are u going to do mein fuehrer?
Robotnik: Get me a car. What kind did u have during world war 2, before I time travelled, and took u here with me?
Nazi 54: Mercedes Benz.
Robotnik: Then, that is what I'll have. I shall be the best, of nothing.

To be continued
Cream's car
Sexy the hedgehog's car