Welp time to get some crazy fangirls to hate me and wish death upon me. I don't really like shadow that much I mean he is cool but he would be one of my favorieten if it wasn't for this.So u know sonic adventure two right everbody loves it.Also a new character was intreduced at the time when it was released and that character was shadow.I will admit this guy was pretty much a badass in that game but there is one part that I love in this game beside faker and I'm just a hedgehog who loves adventure.it was when shadow sacrifice his self. that was a beautiful moment almost made me cried when I watched it on youtube.But u know what else happened some of shadow's fans weren't to happy about that and right.Then sonic heroes got released and for some reason shadow was in it even though he died and since then he has become worse of a character.Well atleast for me maybe he hasn't to you.Wait here is a vraag u know e102 gama and cosmo what is one thing u remember about them both? they sacrificed themselves just like shadow for the greater good.But here is a difference between them they stayed dead.Okay it may be implyed that cosmo is that plant that tails has but sega has never officaly zei that.Wait maybe they did? okay back to the point.Then gama's death? oh boy was that sad and it even did something I love when sonic games of any type of thing does.show no tell.Know back to shadow.He well didn't stay dead if he did he in my opinion would be a better character but hallo who knows maybe the shadow we have know is just an android and the real shadow is with maria? who knows but hallo thats just my take on this you're entitled to have your own opinion.Okay bye guys hope u like this.